Where have all the Biden voters gone? Gone to the graveyard every one …

Steve Bannon was outraged Wednesday on “War Room: Pandemic” as the nation prepared to endure the Biden inauguration.

“This is a disgrace,” he bellowed as he showed side-by-side pictures of Trump’s 2017 inauguration crowd and today’s non-crowd. “This is a clown show!”

Why? Because literally no one showed up for today’s Biden inauguration except for his media cheerleaders and the crusty ruling class of bipartisan blobs like Mitch McConnell and Chuck Schumer. Compare that to the hundreds of thousands of supporters who showed up for President Trump’s inauguration four years ago.

The pictures tell the whole story.

“Where are the 84 million voters?” Bannon asked?” (I think the Biden official vote total is actually 81 million, but who’s counting?)

“This is what democracy looks like,” jabbed one of Bannon’s co-hosts, playing off a slogan used by leftist rioters this summer.

“Democracy looks like an empty field,” Bannon concluded.


One conclusion is that Biden’s voters have returned to their place of legal residence — one of the graveyards where fake voters go to die — again!

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6 Replies to “Where have all the Biden voters gone? Gone to the graveyard every one …”

  1. Tough to take all this. Democrats returning to their rightful places. Fox has been talking about how abnormal this transition of power is. When one believes the system was not as pure as it could have been, it’s asking a lot of a human to be a phony….unless you are a “permanent politician,” and by not shaking hands with the pretend President is appropriate. Ok. Good sportsmanship, you say, should call for him to inhale, lift his head and shake hands. When President Trump was assaulted by the bias news media supported and run by the Democrat Party, the totally frivolous lawsuits hurled against him and his family by the media, Schiff and Pelosi as well as his “Republican colleagues,” it would be asking a lot of an honest man. Facing that much hate and duplicity at the inauguration is unhealthy and only allows the press to run with their observations and breathlessly file their news stories as if they can get their own shows by “hating on” President Trump. The Democrat press is comprised of really lazy journalists. They need President Trump to get their stories. None of their observations would be favorable to President Trump. God bless President Trump.

    Joe Morrisco
    Bedminster NJ 07921

  2. One more thought…. Steve Doocy commented on President Trump’s farewell address January 19, 2021. Doocy said, “….. we’ve never seen this type of transition in our lifetime, etc.,” then Doocy added that President Trump, in his farewell address, was “defiant and unapologetic.” In my mind, if outsiders, troublemakers, infiltrators, and militant factions made a hash of President Trump’s last few days in office, why should President Trump apologize? He asked for a peaceful march. Kamala asked for BLM to continue their disruptions and violence in Portland, Minneapolis, NYC, L.A. and other places and predicted that it “should” go on. Only talk radio plays her speeches which are officially incitements to violence. If you are a democrat, incitement of violence is okay. When will that change?

    Joe Morrisco
    Bedminster NJ 07921

    We are turning off all electronics from 12 noon to 1 pm E.S.T. to have our own silent protest.

  3. Melania looked stunning in her BLACK! So approriate!! I also wore pure black today! This is such a joke! Our poor military-what a waste of time & money!

  4. Melania was fantastic, dignified, and beautiful. There is no comparison between her appearance and Michelle obama’s appearance but the media desperately want to have a competition so they can submit their subjective narratives. Usually “Hate Melania… Love Michelle.” The Democrat party media consists of uneducated, lazy writers. They are not journalist or reporters. They are barely literate but their voices are amplified if they say hateful things about a man and his family who speak for 75 million people. It was a sad day, but if allowed a legal election, we have 2022 to look forward to.

    Joe Morrisco
    Bedminster NJ 07921

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