In case you were wondering ….

A note to my faithful readers. You may have been expecting to see a column from me today at Real Clear Politics. I’ve been published there weekly since October 2018.

However, starting this week I’ve been asked to cut back to a column every other week.

The logic is that now that the election cycle has reset to zero, there will be less readership at RCP and thus less need for material.

From my point of view, it works out because I am exhausted after trying to post regularly to Heartland Diary USA as well as the weekly RCP column for two plus years. In addition I am still somewhat shell-shocked by the stupidity of the American people, and I probably need to decompress.

At some point, I will look for another national outlet for my column to supplement RCP. If you have any suggestions, let me know. In the meantime, I’ll try to keep delivering you the view of conservative America from my perch in heartland Montana. See you back at Real Clear Politics next Monday!

Thanks for all your support!



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9 Replies to “In case you were wondering ….”

  1. I have not been reading your column for very long and I am so glad I am now. Let’s save this country!

    1. Thanks Ada! We’ve got our work cut out for us, and we need to remember it’s God’s will, not ours, that matters. We may have a long struggle ahead.

  2. Thank you Frank for all your excellent writings! I enjoy reading them. You may remember me from our Twitter Group 17 as Mr. Backwoods. I’m no longer on Twitter.

    1. Hi Rod! Thanks for introducing yourself. Yeah Twitter is becoming an Abandoned World inhabited increasingly by trolls and witches. Sad. I’m lingering there for now but exploring other options too.

  3. Frank, thank you for your contributions – always read & always appreciated & please continue – contact “The National Pulse”, a part of Steve Bannon’s “War Room” live-cast program – a link to the publication: … I am a regular reader – you would fit in well … Enjoy your day … regards, garrison karr

  4. I just bought your set of 5 books. I’ve actually been to Kalispell way back on a ski trip. I used the link in your daily digest to go straight to my Amazon account so I hope that gives you a big bonus. I’m from Chattanooga, TN. Returned there after 44 yrs working in PA and MD. So glad to be back in my hometown escaping from two blue states where my roots refused to grow. Please let me know where your writing will appear other than RCP where I first found your writing.

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