GameStop, Big Money and the Little Guy: A power struggle for the ages

What a crazy week! As we waited for the second impeachment trial of Donald Trump, the wicked elites exposed themselves on Wall Street.

For months, hedge fund managers have been shorting GameStop and other companies. That’s their way if making money by badmouthing a company till it goes under. But this week, retail investors in RobinHood and other apps banded together to outsmart the hedge fund traders who routinely manipulate the stock market.

Because of the system the elites built, hedge fund traders lost billions of dollars and the little guys made billions. Then the system tried to tell us all why it wasn’t fair for the little guy to have that much power. Coming in the wake of the establishment’s dethroning of Donald Trump and the MAGA movement, it was symbolic of how the power brokers were terrified of the populists.

The establishment struck back quickly to try to limit the ability of individual traders to make money.

A clip from Fox News highlighted the craziness perfectly. Neil Cavuto is a Never Trumper who defends the establishment every chance he gets. He is often abetted by Charlie Gasparino, a Wall Street insider who speaks for the Fed, the globalists from Davos and the hedge funds. They got together on Friday to try to convince America’s deplorables that they should trust the Washington establishment and Wall Street brokers who want to turn them into criminals.

Charles Payne, a host from Fox Business, found himself defending the little guy against these two jackals. Watch in this clip as Cavuto and Gasparino try to marginalize Payne and to shut down his argument by talking over him.

Gasparino just finished laying out his defense of the hedge funds being justified in short selling GameStop, BlackBerry and other companies when Charles Payne got his chance to defend the retail investors who came to the defense of these companies and bought their stock aggressively to push up the prices and force the short sellers to “eat their shorts.”

Payne passionately defends the little guy investors, but Gasparino keeps interrupting him to call him names. When Gasparino calls Rush Limbaugh a lunatic for recognizing that the Reddit revolution is a sign of a populist revolt against the establishment, Payne digs in hard and agrees with Limbaugh. But with Gasparino interrupting every three seconds, Payne tells Cavuto to pull the plug.

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Liberals don’t want to debate; they want to dominate and silence the opposition. This is 2021 in a nutshell.


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