WATCH: Newsmax host turns into snowflake when guest Mike Lindell answers his question! Utter fail!

This incendiary clip should put an end to Newsmax altogether as an alternative to Fox News!

“American Agenda” host Bob Sellers has a panic attack when guest Mike Lindell starts to talk about why he and his company MyPillow were banned from Twitter. Turns out it had something to do with “e!ečtiøn fråûd” and you can’t talk about that on Newsmax.

The weird thing is that the show brought Lindell on the show specifically to talk about being banned by Twitter, ergo to talk about his belief that the election was stolen. Yet when he talked about it, Sellers tried to shut him down faster than you could say “cancel culture.”

So how is Newsmax any different from Twitter then? This is scary stuff! Watch as Sellers reads a lawyer’s statement about how nice and tidy the election was, and then be amazed as Sellers actually abandons his post and leaves the stage as if he’s afraid he’ll be infected by Lindell when the guest won’t stop talking. Whoa!

At one point, shortly before he barrels out of the picture, Sellers pleads, “Can I ask our producers, can we get out of here, please?”

Wouldn’t want to be in a foxhole with this character!

Got to give some credit to co-host Heather Childers, who at least showed a modicum of maturity and was able to finish the interview, albeit through telling Mike ironically that many people are concerned about his voice being silenced! You can’t make this stuff up!

Please watch it, and then never watch “American Agenda” again. I do like Greg Kelly on Newsmax, but it will be hard to even watch him after this abject surrender to cancel culture!

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4 Replies to “WATCH: Newsmax host turns into snowflake when guest Mike Lindell answers his question! Utter fail!”

  1. I’m surprised at inviting Mike Lindell, knowing he supported the theory I support, and maybe 75 million others, and not hear his side of things. Heather Childress was fired from fox for daring to go to work with a cold when she did not test positive for covid. Maybe they used that as an excuse, but I always liked her.

  2. I’m done with TV news! There is no truth to be found there anymore. They are so afraid of being shut down that we can’t count on them anymore. Thanks Frank. You are a true patriot in the vein of Paul Revere alerting us to the impending attack on our freedom!

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