Liz Cheney is a cancer in the Republican Party, and the cancer is winning!

There is no way to overstate the damage done to the Republican Party by Rep. Liz Cheney, and particularly by the failure of party leadership to deal harshly with her for her alliance with Democrats to destroy Donald Trump.

Put simply, Cheney is a cancer in the Republican Party. Her dismal attempt to whip GOP votes in favor of impeachment is an utter betrayal of the Wyoming voters who sent her to Congress, the 74 million voters who supported Trump in 2020, and of the only GOP president since Reagan who has governed as a true conservative.

Cheney represents everything that grassroots Republicans despise about politics as usual. She is an elitist self-aggrandizing tool of the uni-party establishment. Her statement in favor of impeachment has become a club used against Trump and the Deplorables by the Democrats. It’s even quoted in the trial brief submitted by Democrats to be used in the impeachment.

But what’s even worst is the abysmal failure of her GOP colleagues in the House to remove her from power after her betrayal. It’s like doctors just surrendering to the cancer, and telling the patient he is as good as dead already.

At a Wednesday meeting of the GOP conference, Republican representatives voted 145-61 in a secret ballot to keep Cheney as conference chair even though she doesn’t represent Republican values.

Cheney is celebrating:

“We really had a terrific vote tonight, a terrific time this evening.  Laying out what we’re going to do moving forward as well as making it clear that we’re not going to be divided and that we’re not going to be in a situation where people can pick off any member of leadership.”

The Democrats could not ask for a better gift from the GOP “surrender caucus.”

Hopefully though, it will backfire, and energize the Deplorables nationwide to throw the bums out. Montana’s lone representative, Matt Rosendale, reportedly led the fight to unseat Cheney. Good for him!

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We need to see a huge uprising in 2022 where grassroots conservatives throw the bums out. If that doesn’t happen, then the communists have won.


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5 Replies to “Liz Cheney is a cancer in the Republican Party, and the cancer is winning!”

  1. Liz Cheney voting to impeach is no surprise. She waited in the weeds for the right time to strike. She is her father’s daughter and when President Trump highlighted the Bush 43 administration as one which went into war for many personal and political reasons and made it unending, she was mad. Add to that, President Trump believed there were economical and nonviolent ways to avoid war. It may have been that President Trump spoke about how Bush & Cheney could have avoided wars in Iraq and Afghanistan that pushed her over the edge. President Trump made it no secret that he avoided war for 4 years by “Peace through Strength.” But Liz Cheney wasn’t going to let the insult go, so she waited. President Trump, on January 6th, suggested voting out weak republicans like Liz Cheney. PERFECT. Then the coordinated riot at the Capitol. Even more PERFECT. Liz Cheney must have thought,”GOTCHA”! Remember, she WANTS the U. S. to stay in Afghanistan FOREVER!!! But to vote for ANYTHING which agrees with the hateful, lying, hoax creating- Democrats who absolutely hate us and what we stand for? That is just plain sinful.

    Joe Morrisco
    Bedminster, NJ 07921

  2. In the interests of Party unity and tolerance for diverse opinions, Liz Cheney and Marjorie Greene are apparently “home free” for the present. Let us hope their constituents will remember their blunders and take appropriate action at re-election time.

  3. Born in a Democrat family, left because the liars did not follow the Constitution ; tried Republican, left for same reason; it’s a sewer rat system – time for a new party. Yes I voted Perot but don’t blame me for Clinton – blame yourself voting for a rat.

    I try to vote those who have a record of following the Constitution – or our way of life is doomed. Need an expedient way to impeach newly elected who swore they would but didn’t keep their word – no surprise, rats been lying for the 55 years I’ve voted.

    Alarmed yes! It’s falling apart fast. Something must change. Welcome all ideas… so far not censored.

  4. Cancer is a horrible death and I hate to see the GOP dying inch by inch through the works of people like Liz Cheney. For the Republican party to live, we must be rid of the cancer with the chemotherapeutic treatment of true Conservatism. It is enough to deal with McConnell and his nearly 35+ years of inept GOP work. No wonder we are succumbing to the anti-Trumper disease of the Left. The GOP can only return to health through supporting people who stand for truth like Josh Hawley, Matt Gaetz, Ted Cruz, John Kennedy, Steve Daines, Mike Braun, Marsha Blackburn, Tommy Tuberville, Roger Marshall, Bill Hagerty, Cynthia Lummis, Rand Paul, and all those who fearlessly push back to keep freedom alive and the Republican party till relevant after our beloved Abraham Lincoln really established it as a system of beliefs tied to the principles of our Founding Fathers.

  5. I recommend no contributions going to the Republican party until the strangulation of cash flow to the NRCC conveys the message loud and clear that conservatives are frankly sick to death of RINOS and want the RINOS removed from the party. We conservatives will not achieve victory when RINO loosers vote with the Dems against Republican conservative values.

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