Fox gives pro-America Lou Dobbs the axe; who’s next in the Purge?

I am really pissed off at Fox News now! You can put all the libtards on that you want and I can just turn the channel, but when you take the great Lou Dobbs off the air, you are f—ing with my serenity!

When I first heard the news, I thought it might be a mistake. Guest host David Asman ended today’s show by saying “Lou will be back on Monday.”

Unh-uh. The dim-witted Paul Ryan has taken the next step in his purge of true conservatives from Fox. Lou Dobbs, incidentally, had the highest rated show on Fox Business. Maybe that had something to do with his love and admiration for President Donald Trump and his America First platform.

Well, it probably won’t be long before they go after Maria Bartiromo and Stu Varney next, and then we can just stop watching Fox Business altogether.

I don’t know about you, but I watch less and less of Fox Business and Fox News already, even the shows I like. With Dobbs gone, I’m down to an hour of Varney a day on FBN and an hour of Tucker Carlson on FNC. Maybe half an hour of Sean Hannity after he ends his repetitive and predictable monologue. Far cry from the days not long ago when I watched 5-8 hours of Fox programming every day.

But that’s before they showed their disdain for us Deplorables and started playing footsie with the Democrats and King Biden.

These days I can pick up 3 hours of non-apologetic pro-America commentary from Steve Bannon and the “War Room: Pandemic” gang give days a week (plus two on Saturday). “War Room” is command central for conservatives now, although Tucker remains the philosopher-king of thoughtful, logical conservatism.

Be nice to see Lou show up on another network. But if Fox doesn’t let him out of his contract as a means of silencing him, that will be the signal for a full-scale boycott of the Murdoch empire.

(Check out “War Room” in Real America’s Voice live from 10 a.m. to noon Monday through Saturday and 5-6 pm Monday through Friday. Also available at Rumble, via Podcadt or at

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12 Replies to “Fox gives pro-America Lou Dobbs the axe; who’s next in the Purge?”

  1. Pretty doggone sure your comments EXPRESSED so many of our thoughts/actions re watching anything re the EVER DIMINISHING FOX shows! ONLY watch Dobbs now. Tape Hannity to zip through 1st 30, catch Varney et al less & less and read Tucker’s takes online.
    Paul Ryan was eviscerated in his debate by the Grifter in chief a few years ago! My grandma could take this treasonous punk.
    Lou, you are the very, very best!

  2. We are witnessing the historic decline of American freedom. Like my ancestral homeland Germany in the 30’s, “this is good for you” socialism administered by fascist controls. If you would like to read a true life experience rather than opinion, try “Defeating the Totalitarian Lie” by Hilmar Von Campe. I’ve already bought Franks books.

    Newsmax should can Sellers and put Dobbs with Childers

    Frank, what do you think of Glen Becks “Blaze TV” for trustworthy news?

    1. Blaze started back in the day when Glen was Never Trump, but he self-corrected fairly quickly. From what I know it’s fairly reliable these days, but because it’s a subscription service I do t watch either Blaze or OAN except through occasional open doors I find.

  3. I’m a new reader here, and want to thank you for your commentary! Discovered you from the Liberty Daily link the other day and appreciate a real newspaper man’s conservative view (I’m also a former newspaper columnist).

    Lou will be sorely missed. Many conservatives have already left FOX for especially Newsmax, and I was surprised to find out that my 86 year old California mother in law (who lives in a retirement community) who used to have FNC on 20 hours each day had already switched to Newsmax along with most of her neighbors, so the word is getting out there!

    I don’t even watch Tucker these days, because the week after the election he had the chance to take a stand and he was doing stories that could’ve been months old. There’s outright veering to the left, which Tucker has not done. But he did something much more suble… a stay-in-the-lines approach that means you’re gonna keep your contract intact, but meanwhile you’re selling your soul. And I only watch people who give me truth, not the lies of omission. It reminds me of this:

    “If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.”

    ― Samuel Adams

    1. Hi Laura: Welcome! And thanks for your great contribution… you must have been a very good columnist! On Tucker, I too was disappointed by his skirting of the major election issues being talked about in November, but I think I have come to understand his perspective. With every other conservative host and writer talking about Dominion and Georgia, etc., there were a lot of important stories being missed … about the loss of liberties, about policy changes and about media malfeasance that Tucker was exposing nightly. These days he is providing invaluable commentary.

  4. Kinda makes you wonder if the Myanmar Military has yet written
    a ‘How To ” book for Dummies ??
    ” WE ” are losing incrementally… .A continuation over years ??.
    I think it was a very successful football coach who said:……..
    “Nice guys finish last”
    Mont. Terr.

  5. Like freedomferst above, we purchased all of Frank’s books early last year and found their contents enormously helpful as backdrop to understanding both the election and the current purging. Like freedomferst, we find reading personal
    testimonies of those who have suffered under totalitarian regimes to be extremely important as we go forward and a restful alternative to depressing newscasts from any source.
    May we suggest these unforgettable, oral history books by Svetlana Alexievich…..”Secondhand Time” (last of the Soviets)
    and “Last Witnesses” (the war stories of the Russian children of WWII). “To be forewarned is to be forearmed”.

    1. Thanks for your endorsement and for your book recommendations… The Soviet empire is a sad indictment of humanity’s potential for servitude. May we throw off the yoke of communism quickly and before permanent damage is done!

  6. Yes, Lou Dobbs and the others mentioned were my favorites as well. Fox should stop digging their grave and concentrate upon their long time audience. However, I believe that they are now too deeply dug into their new nonsense reporting. I guess Shep would now fit in along with the other Marxist believers. I only read Frank for much of my news. RLS

  7. I love Lou and Hannity, but I went cold turkey off of Fox after they clobbered us with their election “reporting” tactics. The War Room is great and so is Rob Carson, and Diamond & Silk on Newsmax. I will keep tuning into specific programs on Newsmax with true Conservative programming that doesn’t screw patriots like Mike Lindell over! Shame on you Newsmax for letting that happen and I will give you another chance, but…. Epoch Times is an amazing resource along with Frank!

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