Trump defense team includes bumbling idiot and Never Trumper. Why?!?

It gets worse. Much worse. I know a lot of you are not watching the Senate impeachment trial of former President Trump.

Good for you. You have spared yourself the indignity of watching Democrats crassly manipulating the facts about election fraud in order to paint Trump as a dangerous revolutionist.

Today, the House impeachment managers started to lay out their case against President Trump on the sole charge of “incitement of insurrection.” Reps. Jamie Raskin, Eric Swalwell and others of the Democratic impeachment managers have 16 hours over today and tomorrow to present their “evidence,” but their evidence is entirely opinion. Everything they provide is being pushed as proof that Trump inspired or even ordered his supporters to attack the Capitol on Jan. 6, but there is actually no proof of a causal relationship between Trump’s free speech and the criminal acts carried out by criminals during the Capitol breach.

Like the traitorous Republican senator Bill Cassidy of Louisiana, I too recognize that the Democrats are putting on a hell of a show, but unlike Cassidy I realize that it’s because this is nothing but a show trial.

I don’t care how good Raskin and his fellow managers are. It just pisses me off — because I know they hate me just as much as they hate Trump, and they hate Trump just as much as they hate Trump’s America.

And what’s worse is that, based on the abysmal performance of Trump’s lawyers on Tuesday, there is no reason to think Trump will get a real defense when his team takes center stage on Friday. David Schoen was moderately effective Tuesday, but lead attorney Bruce Castor was a bumbling idiot. You would think a billionaire could hire better attorneys, but President Trump’s personnel decisions are his Achilles’ heel. (Think Gen. John Kelly, Christopher Wray, Gina Haspel, John Bolton — you get the idea!)

This defense team is more of the same, and today the Philadelphia Inquirer exposed Michael T. van der Veen as a Never Trumper who has no business defending Trump.

Justin Hiemstra, one of van der Veen’s previous clients, said the lawyer used the term “fucking crook” to describe the former president. “He definitely came off as fairly anti-Trump in the context that I knew him.”

What’s worse (why does that phrase seem so necessary today?) is that van der Veen was even defending Hiemstra in the first place. Hiemstra was charged with allegedly trying to illegally hack into a government database to steal Trump’s tax returns. Sure, Hiemstra deserves legal representation, but Trump can’t have this hater on his team!

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Moreover, the Inquirer also published a marketing email from van der Veen’s law firm criticizing Trump for trying to keep voters from voting by mail.

“It’s time to stand up for what’s right,” the August 20 email reads. “van der Veen, O’Neil, Hartshorn, and Levin are filing suit against the U.S. Postal Service to force it to prepare to deliver ballots for this election.”

Van Der Veen and his firm actually filed a lawsuit against President Trump and the U.S. Postal Service. Yeah, this is the guy you want on your team! The actual (not baseless) election fraud engineered by a nationwide cabal of passionate leftists and venal Never Trumpers is the heart of President Trump’s defense. How the hell can van der Veen provide a heartfelt defense of President Trump when he actually agrees with the Democrat impeachment managers.

Hell, I would not be surprised if Rep. Raskin actually quotes van der Veen in his closing argument. Unforced error!

Supposedly, Trump was furious after the first day’s arguments, when Castor praised Raskin as a virtual legal genius! Let’s hope so! And let’s hope Castor, van der Veen and others at the defense table are replaced by qualified counsel by Friday.

The Democrats based their entire argument on the false premise that Trump had invented election fraud, and if the Trump attorneys don’t work to prove the validity of Trump’s concerns, then they are guilty of legal malpractice. Get to work, you bastards!


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2 Replies to “Trump defense team includes bumbling idiot and Never Trumper. Why?!?”

  1. We are laughing at the lyin’ Dems and their theater of the absurd, but as you said, anyone who did not watch the obvious lies and theatrics of the vicious Democrat house managers might have used their time better. There is nothing to laugh about. China and Venezuela are laughing like crazy. It is painful to watch raskin get all teary-eyed and lie and hear Bruce Castor congratulate these frauds. I thought it was going to be his strategy: “Praise them, then enumerate all their lies and misrepresentations of the truth. But say how well they presented their lies.” A solid strategy. But no. Castor wanted to switch teams. Pray for President Trump to make this work out. They are obliterating everything and everyone Trump without any obstacles. It is revolting to think that someone as disgusting as the narcissist Swalwell is able to be lifted up in the eyes of the world to sit in judgment of the man who represents me. Sadly, the Republicans have zero backbone to stick with the man who represents 75 million people. Did those senators think it was Mitch McConnell’s personality that drew supporters? Or Mitt’s? Their lack of loyalty is sinful. The Democrats do not represent one value that is held sacred by the Republicans yet 10 republicans would rather join that crowd of vipers because their feelings were hurt in the past. They are self-righteous and delusional.
    Joe Morrisco
    Bedminster NJ 07921

  2. Loyalty is non-existent. The Romney crowd and the Ben Sasse people and NOW Cassidy may think they are being “true to their school,” but who can trust these birds ever again. They stuck with President Trump when it meant reelection, but when it really counted to tell the story of every case where the lack of votes for Trump didn’t make sense, they hid under the covers. Sasse, merkowski, Collins, Romney, of course, patted themselves on the back because they are more virtuous than the 40 others. McConnell is a disloyal flea. Doesn’t want any trouble or he doesn’t get invited to hot shot awards dinners. Will he have a job lobbying for China when he leaves “public service”? After all, they like to say they are “giving back.” Code for “take tax money and get as much as you can before you are voted out or retire.” What would Nancy do if she were not reelected? The laundry? Redecorate the freezers? More fun to harass the man who saw through her and the rest of her cronies. Romney certainly thinks he should have been in the White House from 2016 to 2020. Their jealousy and envy are diseases. It makes the “straight up” guy like Romney do the bidding of the Democrats. He shows the world every day how lucky we were that he never was elected. Vain and disloyal. How do people like him sleep well at night?

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