I wish I’d written that! “Joe Manchin ‘can save America’”

You snooze, you lose. Only one person had a chance to be the first one to state the obvious. I have thought about writing a column on Sen. Joe Manchin’s opportunity to become a great American hero and the most powerful person in politics today by switching from Democrat to Republican, but now the cat’s out of the bag.

Wayne Allyn Root wrote a perfect column on the topic. All I can say is IWIWT (I wish I’d written that!) You can read the entire Root column at Gateway Pundit under the title “An Open Letter to Senator Joe Manchin: How One Brave Man Can Save America and Change the Course of History.”

Manchin is the last conservative Democrat in America, and everything he believes in as a senator representing West Virginia is traditional American values. That means he should be a Republican, and because the Senate is evenly divided at 50-50 between Democrats and Republicans, Manchin has the power to completely change history by switching parties.

A GOP controlled Senate could put the brakes on Joe Biden’s plan to turn the USA into the USSA — the United Socialist States of America. Heck if Manchin was willing to switch parties, I think the Republicans should let him pick the new majority leader. If he wants to dump Mitch McConnell, so be it. If he wants to take a shot at the job himself, let it happen.

Whatever GOP Joe wants, GOP Joe gets!

As Root so aptly puts it:

“Joe Manchin represents 100% God-fearing, conservative values, anti-open borders, pro-fossil fuel, coal country, West Virginia. Today’s Democrat Party has passed Joe by, and it no longer represents his constituents. …

“It sure seems like Biden and the Democrat Party are trying to kill middle class Americans, doesn’t it? Who would encourage sick foreigners during a pandemic to come to America and risk killing our citizens?

“Is this what you stand for Joe? Is this what your West Virginia constituents stand for? You think they want to see every coal mine and coal plant shut down in the name of “global warming” while China builds hundreds of new coal plants? …

“Here’s what I think. I think Joe Manchin is scared to death. He knows he’s in bed with crazy people. He knows he’s surrounded by communists, socialists, economic suicide bombers, and racists who hate rural white people from places like West Virginia. …

“Senator Joe Manchin needs to flip to Republican. Now. Today. The Senate instantly goes from a 50-50 split to 51-49 GOP. Biden is blocked. Kamala Harris’s vote becomes meaningless.

“We instantly save America. We instantly save the US energy industry. We save millions of US jobs. We instantly checkmate the entire crazy, communist Biden agenda. We instantly change the course of history.

“With that one simple move, Joe Manchin becomes the most famous, powerful and beloved politician in America. Sure, Democrats hate you Joe. But who cares? You only answer to the conservative and Christian people of West Virginia. They’ll make you into a folk hero. And 75 million Trump voters will build you a statue next to George Washington, Abe Lincoln and JFK.”

Thanks, Wayne Allyn Root. Someone had to say it.

Now it’s up to the Republican Party to make it happen. If they aren’t secretly in love with the Democratic socialist agenda, then Republicans need to pull out all the stops and woo Manchin with flowers, chocolates, whatever it takes. This isn’t a marriage of convenience; it is a marriage of necessity. Let’s make it happen!


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2 Replies to “I wish I’d written that! “Joe Manchin ‘can save America’””

  1. I notice Wayne Root is a conspiracy theorist of high degree so don’t place much faith or hope in his pipe dream for a Manchin switch, but he does give a much needed stir to the stew. Joe seems to be a man of integrity and will surely do the right thing for West Virginia if not for the entire nation.

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