‘A Tale of Two Parties’: Watch Boebert and Biden in Steve Bannon’s devastating ‘cold open’

If you are looking for alternate sources of information in the wake of the collapse of Fox News, you can’t do any better than Steve Bannon’s “War Room: Pandemic.”

Take a look at this “cold open” from the first hour of “War Room” on Tuesday, March 9. Host Steve Bannon calls it “A Tale of Two Parties.”

First up is the new video from Rep. Lauren Boebert, the no-nonsense America First congresswoman from Colorado. Boebert exposes the armed occupation of the Capitol District by the Democrats. She calls the barricades city “Fort Pelosi” and demands, “Madam Speaker, tear down THIS wall.” Boebert is the future of the Republican Party.

Then you have Joe Biden, the puppet president, being propped up by the Democrat socialists to carry out their America-destroying agenda. Bannon’s team puts up two devastating clips of Biden losing his train of thought and revealing his dementia on camera as he gets losses in a word salad of gibberish.

This two minute clip is just a sample of what you get on “War Room.” This is straight-talk America First no-apologies polemics, and if you want to be intellectually armed against the Democratic socialist takeover, you need to watch Bannon and cohost Raheem Kassam talk about how to fight back.

Watch “War Room” every day three hours a day to stay motivated and informed for the struggle ahead. You can watch live on Real America’s Voice on Roku, or a couple hours later on Rumble. Check out warroom.org for a complete list of outlets that feature the show.


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