At last! Judge green lights probe of election fraud in Georgia

(Author’s Note: The video of John Fredericks discussing the Georgia legal case (linked below) has been forcefully removed by YouTube in a blatant attempt to suppress civil dialogue about the mechanisms of democracy. We can no longer freely discuss cases under way in the courts. Tyranny by Monopoly. Read my response here! P.S.: I’ve added a link at end of story to the original War Room video from Rumble.)

Don’t give up! Even if Joe Biden is president, the truth matters! And history, not the Fake News Media, will decide whether Biden is a legitimate president.

That’s why the court battle in Georgia to examine mail in ballots in Fulton County (Atlanta) is so important.

A judge has conditionally granted members of Voter GA the right to unseal ballots from last November’s presidential election.

Radio broadcaster John Fredericks explained to Steve Bannon on “War Room: Pandemic” why the Voter GA group thinks it has evidence of thousands of counterfeit mail-in ballots that were marked exclusively for Biden and Democratic Senate candidate Jon Ossoff.

If they succeed in proving that there were 30,000 fake ballots, “all hell will break loose,” Fredericks said, because it would prove Trump should have won Georgia, and the Republicans should have retained control of the US Senate as well.

Fredericks explained that Voter GA had affidavits from election officials who swore to three specific irregularities which suggest fraud:

1) The suspicious ballots were printed on unusual paper that had a different texture than known official ballots.

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2) The ballots had no crease marks, and therefore could not have been folded and inserted into election envelopes as required by Georgia law.

3) The votes for Biden and Ossoff were not marked with a writing instrument, but appeared to have been marked by a machine since all the marks were identical.

In addition, the vast majority of the suspicious ballots were only marked for Biden and Ossoff, with other races not voted.

This is a big deal. Garland Favorito of Voter GA said the judge’s decision to allow access to the ballots “is almost unprecedented in Georgia history.”

Unfortunately, the judge still needs to sign off on the final order. Let’s hope he is courageous enough to see it through. The American people deserve the truth.


See original video here:


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  1. This is fantastic news. Frank. You have overcome so much but you still stay strong for us and for your country. Many of us can’t do what you do with such grace and courage. Many, many thanks.
    Joe Morrisco
    Bedminster, NJ 07921

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