Joe’s first press conference: Or, Mr. Biden goes to Sleepy Town

It was a close race to see whether Joe Biden’s first press conference would have more “senior moments” or more “blatant lies,” but maybe they are just flip sides of the same coin.

Bottom line: Biden’s grasp on reality is tenuous at best.

The most notable senior moments, where he just said things that were inexplicable, were the kind of rambling meaningless blather which he has become famous for. You can’t really quote those moments because the sentences just don’t parse. And then there are the times like when he said that he came to the Senate 120 years ago. That was probably a joke, but someone should tell Joe that when he so calmly misstates the facts humorously, it just reminds us of all the times he does so unintentionally.

But the real problem at today’s press conference was how often — and how comfortably — Biden lied about policy, about legislation and about his predecessor. The three worst instances of this were:

1) Claiming that the Trump administration was soft on China and ignored the genocide of the Uyghurs in Xinjiang province. In fact, President Trump was the toughest president on China in decades. He went after their predatory economic policies, their abuse of civil liberties in Hong Kong and Xinjiang, and held the Chinese Communist Party responsible for spreading the Wuhan virus globally.

2) Claiming that the Trump administration was soft on border security and had abused human rights by sending unaccompanied minors to Mexico to starve to death. In fact, Trump had put together a series of policies that had worked together to slow illegal immigration, and he had successfully recruited Mexican involvement in protecting all illegal immigrants, not just children. Plus children were returned to their home country, not just sent into the Mexican desert to die.

3) Claiming that Republicans are working to prevent minorities from voting and that Democrats are protecting voter integrity. This is just a blatant political lie that is at the heart of the Democrat plan to seize power permanently. Democrats are trying to nationalize elections so that states will NOT be able to protect voter integrity. There will be no voter ID to ensure that only legal voters cast ballots. There will be universal mail ballots so that voters cannot be verified.

Of course, these and other lies by Biden were not accidents. For the first time in anyone’s memory, the president read many of his answers out of a briefing book that was prepared by his handlers. He is a living, breathing automaton like one of those presidents at Disneyland.

Oh yes, and the scariest answer Biden gave was when he said he plans to run for a second term. I doubt that was in the briefing book, and I bet it made Kamala scream when she heard it!

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  1. Thanks. I’ll take your word for it. Sorry, I just can’t stomach the guy and his inevitable lies about Trump’s “failures”. When he squints at himself in the mirror, surely he sees 2 faces and chalks it up to cataracts!!
    We’re required to pray for our enemies so God bless him….I guess.

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