Stuart Varney blasts LeBron James for racist anti-cop tweet

Stuart Varney went off on NBA celebrity LeBron James and the rest of Woketopia this morning for their racist anti-cop rhetoric that is sure to result in violence at some point.

James tweeted (and then deleted) a picture of the Columbus, Ohio, police officer who shot a 16-year-old girl to prevent her from stabbing another teenage girl. James’s caption? “You’re next,” followed by the hashtag #Accountability, implying that the policeman should be targeted.

Varney opened his Fox Business morning show with this outrageous and dangerous action by James, and then he returned to it for a discussion with Fox News host Pete Hegseth. Both made good points.

Varney asked why LeBron James has not been banned from Twitter. After all, President Trump was banned for life for much less. James was essentially asking for violence to befall this police officer, who may very well have saved the life of a young girl.

Notice I haven’t talked about the face of any of these people. That’s because their race is irrelevant. When one person is attacking another person with a knife, a police officer is supposed to protect the victim. That’s their job! It has nothing to do with race.

Except for James and the rest of the woke-tards, everything is about race. So since the cop was white, he has to be a villain. It doesn’t matter that he very possibly saved the life of a black girl who was about to be stabbed. “White cop shoots black girl” is all that James and other Democrats like Joe Biden can see, and that means the white cop needs to pay, right?

“We can’t have a serious discussion about the problems of the day in America today,” Varney said in frustration. “That is divisive and destructive.”

Varney explained why he was devoting so much time on his show to talk about the incident and the James tweet.

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“This program is about politics and money, and I’m digressing this morning because I think America faces a profound problem. We are self-destructing. We are self-hating. We look at everything through the divisive issue of race, and that is out of the question. Shouldn’t be doing it!”

Bravo, Stuart! Everyone needs to stand up to the race bullies before they destroy the country!


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