Race hustler lies about Columbus Ohio police on ABC, and no one defends them

Sunday morning TV news is a minefield for conservatives, and you have to step very gently through the liberal BS to get through it intact.

For the most part, the fast-forward button will preserve your sanity when well-known anti-American liars like Nancy Pelosi are spouting their garbage. You will not miss anything important if you zip through the likes of Anthony Fauci, Chuck Schumer, Mazie Hirono, Tammy Duckworth, or the Squad. Nor is there any reason to listen to RINO losers like Kevin McCarthy, Liz Cheney or Susan Collins.

Of course, that saves me a lot of time when I’m watching the Sunday morning shows because mostly they feature liberal hosts, liberal guests and a few token RINOs. I can usually get through the four hours of network news shows in under an hour by editing out the idiots.

One place where you have to be a little more discreet is on the panel discussions that most of these shows have. In order to catch the flow of the argument, you are sometimes forced to listen to asinine communists in hopes that a sane person will respond appropriately.

This morning I waited in vain for someone on the ABC “This Week” show to respond to the racist lunacy of Angela Rye, the former executive director of the black congressional caucus.

In a discussion of the Derek Chauvin murder conviction, Rye made this outrageous statement about the Columbus, Ohio, Police Department, where last week an officer defended the life of a young black woman who was being attacked by a knife-wielding teenager:

“The Columbus Police Department isn’t about one bad apple; it’s about an entire department… [We are really] talking about how to solve for a system that by design from its inception was designed to capture and return enslaved people back to their masters.”

Say what? Did I hear that right? Yep, I went back and played it five times to make sure I wasn’t misquoting Ms. Rye, who apparently is auditioning to be her generation’s Al Sharpton.

She really said that policing in Columbus, Ohio, is systemically racist because it was designed to catch runaway slaves and return them to their so-called masters. What? Has there ever been a worse slander uttered against a group of people trying to protect and serve the community?

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Does Rye even know that Ohio fought on the side of the Union to defeat slavery and to free those very slaves she is talking about? Ohio sent 300,000 men into battle against the Confederacy, and more that 35,000 of them died defending their country from the pro-slavery rebellion.

Rye’s blatant disregard for the truth and her willingness to slander generations of law officers in Ohio is shameful and should have been called out by everyone on the panel and by host George Stephanopoulos.

The other guests were former ND governor and senator Heidi Heitkamp, supposedly a moderate Democrat; former NJ governor Chris Christie, supposedly a moderate Republican; and Sara Fagen, a Republican “consultant” whose main claim to fame is that she is on “This Week” every week claiming to be a Republican while talking like a Democrat.

Shame on them for letting race hustler Angela Rye get away with her ugly lie. People like her will say anything to divide our people and destroy our country. Standing up to them and their lies is the only chance we have to save ourselves.


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3 Replies to “Race hustler lies about Columbus Ohio police on ABC, and no one defends them”

  1. Have not seen that clip, but you shared enough to make me wonder…Was Rye perhaps referring to the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850? As you know, Columbus was one of the hubs for the Underground Railroad. The FSA required slaves be returned to their owners even if they were in a free state like Ohio. The Act forced citizens (Including local police) to assist in the recovery of escaped slaves, and, if they were unwilling to assist or aided a fugitive in escaping, they were subject to a fine and prosecution. Several prominent cases of such captures simply served only to further divide and anger the populace of free states, thus greasing the skids for the Civil War.

    1. Probably correct. Of course, the police had to follow the law, but to assume that this one law was the basis of the entire police department is absurd!

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