TGP: Wayne Allyn Root tells the truth about what GOP voters believe

(If you need a boost today, if you need to know you’re not alone in your love for President Trump or your disdain for President Biden, then read this powerful column by “The Conservative Warrior” from The Gateway Pundit.)

By Wayne Allyn Root

At least 74 million Americans voted for President Trump. Everyone I know believes the number was actually much higher. But we know for a fact 74 million Americans voted for Trump- because that’s the number even the biased fake news media counts as fact.

This is the base of the Republican Party. And I know what these 74 million (and probably a few million more) voters believe in. How do I know? Because I tested out my beliefs at three major GOP events in the past month- where I was the keynote speaker.

The result? I got wild, enthusiastic standing ovations at all three events.

What’s amazing is that the GOP leadership in DC and the RNC has no clue what their own most loyal, passionate voters believe in.

But this is the raw truth. I’m here to spread the gospel. I’m here to report “the truth will set you free.” The people are desperate to hear the raw truth. Preach it. Let it rip. This is how you get standing ovations from tens of millions of Republicans, conservatives, patriots and capitalists. This is how you win elections.

When the media hears this story, they’re going to get sick to their stomachs. So is the DC Swamp. And the Deep State. Because they all failed. All your work was for nothing. No one believes your lies and fake news anymore.

I began my speeches with: “Here is what I know. Here is what I believe. Here is raw truth. Let me know if you agree by your applause. Only applaud if you agree.”

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I said, “No matter what the lying fake news media says, no matter what they try to stuff down our throats, I know President Donald J. Trump won the 2020 election.” Wild applause.

“I know Biden and the Democrats rigged, fixed and stole the election.”

Wild applause.

“I know the more they ban, censor and forbid us from saying Trump won the election, their hysterical, illogical reaction is proof positive they stole it.”

Wild applause.

“They think they destroyed Trump and demoralized us. The opposite is true. We love Trump now more than ever. We know Trump was one of the greatest presidents in our country’s history. And we want him back. We’d walk over hot coals for him. After all your lies, fake news and fake polls, Donald Trump hasn’t lost one supporter. And that’s precisely why you hate him so much.”

Wild applause.

Read much more at The Gateway Pundit.

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3 Replies to “TGP: Wayne Allyn Root tells the truth about what GOP voters believe”

  1. I cannot disagree with a single thought or word by Root. He is on target with everyone I know who voted for Trump. The children of the Left are living in a parallel universe and supporting a fantasy that has never succeeded throughout world history. The history of Social Justice is a flawed political formula that merely leads to abject poverty for the ordinary citizen.The fundamental argument now existing is how the ideological few have managed to plunder the many through the sophistry that persuades the victims that they are being robbed for their own benefit. For one to better understand the ultimate ending for these worshipers of an unconstrained central state governing power, the ensuing depiction of the twentieth century as it was gives you the awful truth; a century filled with human catastrophes and bloodthirstiness beyond all others. The scale and gravity of Communism’s crimes against humanity is estimated at 100 million civilian deaths alone!

    It is truly a suicidal ideology where even the leaders will be hoisted by their own petard as time passes.
    Sadly, it is just pure hatred and lust for power by Democrat leaders against their fellow man. There is something as despicable as unsound with their sentiments. RLS

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