Tucker Carlson reveals surprise twist in the Frank Luntz/Kevin McCarthy saga

(The Daily Caller gave a shoutout to founder Tucker Carlson’s scorched earth treatment of GOP pollster Frank Luntz. Carlson on Monday announced a surprise twist in his investigation into why Republicans listen to Luntz, who consults for left-wing corporations and promotes Democrat policies.)

By Greg Price

House Republican Leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy rented a room in Washington, D.C. from ex-GOP pollster and communications consultant Frank Luntz, Fox News host and Daily Caller co-founder Tucker Carlson revealed.

During the Monday episode of “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” Carlson claimed that a source tipped him off to the arrangement between McCarthy and Luntz, which was later confirmed in a statement by a McCarthy spokesperson.

Carlson began the segment criticizing Luntz for lobbying “on behalf of some of the world’s most left-wing corporations.” Carlson continued on to question GOP members of Congress who take his advice on policy, saying that his views “bear no resemblance whatsoever to the views of actual Republican voters.”

The Fox News host stressed the close relationship that Luntz allegedly maintains with McCarthy, saying that Luntz has previously described McCarthy as his “personal friend.”

“So Frank works for Google and Nike and Delta Airlines among many others. Several years ago, Frank Luntz advised the makers of Oxycontin on how to blame rural Americans as thousands of young people in rural America dropped dead of opioid [overdoses]. Frank Luntz did that. So he is not someone that normal people would go to for advice if you are running the Republican Party, you definitely wanted because Frank Luntz is effectively a Democrat.”

After initially denying that McCarthy rented the room from Luntz, the spokesperson from his office confirmed the authenticity of the tip, telling Tucker that “because of the pandemic, McCarthy has rented a room in Washington at a fair market price from Frank.”

See full story at The Daily Caller.

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One Reply to “Tucker Carlson reveals surprise twist in the Frank Luntz/Kevin McCarthy saga”

  1. I fell off my chair when I heard Tucker list the unscrupulous tactics luntz has been using for years, but I am angrier at myself. I heard luntz discuss his so-called polls this summer. Interesting because we saw BLM and Antifa destroyed American cities by looting and burning. American cities throughout the United States were bashed and burned. Luntz told us in a Reverend Luntz voice that Americans, particularly republicans, do not like the term “law and order.” When I heard that, I yelled at the television whenever he warmly told us that the polls were very discouraging toward the President when he mentioned law and order at his campaign rallies. Really? REALLY??? Luntz repeatedly said that President Trump is mentioning “Law and Order” and his polls show that Americans just don’t want to hear those words. Those were the times I knew for sure luntz was a moron. I was extremely happy to hear President Trump assure me that he was for law and order. Luntz said people like me just didn’t want to hear that. And if he didn’t say exactly those words, that is the message. I saw him on Fox programs during every election season, and he brought his “focus Group” to these programs. He was treated like the “last word” for all the important issues the republican politicians ought to address. As an agent of the Democrat swamp, and some people from the republican swamp, Frank Luntz pushed his bogus advice. Luntz hoped he could manipulate President Trump and those who listened to him. Luntz wanted President Trump to change his message which would have weakened him in front of the republican party. Luntz attempted, and often succeeded in undermining President Trump’s message. President Trump listened to the American people, not luntz. President Trump did not change his message as luntz hoped he would, and maintained his integrity by not changing just to please frank luntz and a poll. I miss President Trump so much it hurts.

    Joe Morrisco
    Bedminster, NJ 07921

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