Texas school board adds two conservatives; is Montana next?

(Here’s a story from the Washington Free Beacon about the victory of conservatives in a Dallas suburb where the school board had been attempting to radicalize the curriculum with “equity and inclusion” policies.

(I’m particularly interested in this story because our local school board in Kalispell, Montana, has a school election ending today, where five conservatives are challenging the incumbents as a united front. The current school board consists of good people, but they are doing nothing to stop the indoctrination of students with left-wing ideology. I know that for a fact because I have a fifth-grader in the district who reports back to me on the radical lessons he is being taught.

(The conservative five are Trish Pandina, Tina Tobiason, Shaun Pandina, Dennis Gomez and Heather Asher. If you live in Kalispell and oppose mask mandates and critical race theory, you still have a chance to vote. Ballots may be returned in-person to the district office, 233 First Ave. E. by 8 p.m. today. Look for a drop box.)

By Alex Nester, Washington Free Beacon

Voters in a Texas suburb this weekend elected five candidates who oppose “antiracism,” bucking a local school board’s attempt to create radical curriculum standards for K-12 education.

Conservatives picked up two school board seats, two city council seats, and the mayor’s office in Southlake, a suburb north of Dallas. The victorious candidates all opposed the Carroll Independent School District’s equity and inclusion plan, a pricey proposal to overhaul the district’s curriculum standards and hire an equity consultant.

The Southlake election is the latest demonstration of parents thwarting leftists’ efforts to radicalize education. A group of Indiana parents in April criticized their school district for pushing radical standards that divide students based on race. Last month, parents and alumni at New York City’s Regis High School penned an open letter condemning the Catholic school’s turn toward the “fashionable racism” of critical race theory.

Officials at Carroll Independent schools, a district located in Southlake, first convened a diversity task force in 2018 after a video surfaced of white students shouting the n-word at a party. The task force was charged with developing an equity proposal for the district, which it released in July.

The 34-page, five-year “Cultural Competence Action Plan” called for Carroll Independent schools to hire an antiracist auditor and a diversity director. The district was additionally instructed to revamp K-12 standards with an equity-centric curriculum. Estimates pegged the cost of implementing the plan at north of $1.4 million.

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Parents objected to the measure, fearing it would inject the school curriculum with critical race theory, the idea that white supremacy persists through American government systems. One parent sued the district, alleging the school board’s “secret deliberations” over the plan violated the Texas Open Meetings Act. A judge in December ordered Carroll Independent officials to stop implementing or revising their action plan following that lawsuit.

Hannah Smith, a lawyer and former Supreme Court clerk who won a seat on the Carroll Independent school board, said the plan would further divide students by race.

See full story at Washington Free Beacon.

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