Colby Covington slams LeBron James and John Cena on ‘WarRoom’

Steve Bannon has a great conversation with Mixed Martial Arts champion Colby Covington today on “WarRoom: Pandemic.”

Covington is a patriotic America-loving celebrity, which as Bannon noted is an increasing rarity. He spoke out against election fraud and Fauci-ism (the new form of fascism) but his most powerful words were reserved for his condemnation of LeBron James and John Cena as “finger puppets” for the Chinese Communist Party.

Here was Covington’s takedown of pro-communist NBA Star James (

“I see all the hypocrisy from Lebron. He claims to be about social justice but he won’t say, ‘Free Hong Kong!’ He won’t say anything about the Uighurs locked up in concentration camps in China. You know, he won’t talk about all the women that he’s profiting off of in the Chinese sweatshops that are making all of his shoes for dollars that he’s coming over to America and selling them for hundreds and profiting millions off of here in America.

“So, I just wanted to call a spade a spade, I wasn’t going to allow him to dupe the people that he’s a social justice warrior and he’s on this pedestal. NO! That guy is not on a pedestal. He’s just a piece of crap, a piece of garbage!”

As for John Cena, Covington said the wrestler turned actor is a fake “tough guy.” (

“John Cena takes all these steroids, he has all these fake muscles, but he’s got no backbone, he’s got no spine. The fact that John Cena’s bowing down to the Chinese … is absolutely disgraceful.”

Cena recently apologized to China for calling Taiwan a country, and he said he was “very very very sorry.” The guy must be a Democrat. Otherwise, why would he be apologizing for telling the truth?

Covington was great! Hope to see him back on “WarRoom” again.

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  1. So grateful to hear from an American with courage. Also, grateful I found this site!

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