The plot to destroy America (sadly it’s not just a movie anymore!)

Hard to believe anyone takes Joe Biden seriously anymore! But they do, so people like me write columns to try to wake up those who still haven’t figured out that there’s a plot underway to destroy the USA. It’s like a zombie movie except instead of zombies, you get Democrats trying to wipe you out. (Hat tip Bob Hope!) Here’s my new column from Real Clear Politics, which compares “Biden’s administration to the 1968 film “The Wrecking Crew.”

Biden’s Administration Is the ‘Wrecking Crew’

By Frank Miele

Imagine a somewhat buffoonish, past-his-prime, cognitively challenged man entrusted with the survival of the free world who is surrounded by handlers who both take care of him and count on him to come through in the clutch.

If you are thinking of Joe Biden, you are only half correct. More than half a century ago, Dean Martin perfected the role of the bumbling big cheese in his 1960s spy spoof movie series based on the Matt Helm novels. Martin, of course, was playing a self-absorbed, alcohol-drenched hedonist with a gun whereas Biden is the leader of the free world with a nuclear arsenal, but beyond that the similarities are uncanny.

OK, maybe not, but the titles of the Matt Helm films provide a perfect template for considering Biden’s agenda for reshaping America: “The Silencers” suggests the Democratic goal of crushing dissent through intimidation and censorship. “The Ambushers” aptly describes the stealth approach of progressives to hide their nation-altering agenda in 800-page bills that no one reads. But most evocatively, Biden’s administration resembles a real-life version of “The Wrecking Crew.” As President Trump said at his recent rally in Ohio, “Joe Biden is destroying our country right before our eyes.”

Almost every Cabinet member and the policies they are pushing seem intended to dismantle nearly 250 years of tradition and to reverse decades of bipartisan policy.

We should have seen this coming. Remember the first official act of President Biden on Inauguration Day? Shutting down the Keystone Pipeline to ensure that the country would not have access to cheap oil and gas, but would instead be forced to rely more heavily on so-called renewable energy sources that can only be affordable with the help of vast government subsidies. The Department of Energy is now the Department of Less Energy, and fewer jobs too, to the tune of 50,000 construction and oil workers sidelined by Biden.

Even more concerning has been the role reversal of the Department of Homeland Security. This isn’t just about jobs. By opening the border instead of securing it, the Biden Wrecking Crew has not only impeded hundreds of thousands of Americans’ economic opportunities, but has also invited the Mexican drug cartels into our country. The latest gambit at DHS has been to argue that anyone anywhere in the world who suffers some kind of violence or abuse ought to have a right to settle in the United States. That would completely overwhelm our social services, economy and criminal justice system with hundreds of millions of new residents. Neat trick if you aim to destroy rather than preserve our freedoms.

But most worrisome in the last half year is the Department of Justice’s assault on the two pillars of democracy — civil rights and voting rights. Recently, Attorney General Merrick Garland combined the attack in one lawsuit against Georgia over that state’s new voting law.

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The claim made by Garland is that Georgia’s attempt to cut down on the possibility of election fraud is racist because, in the DOJ’s opinion, blacks in particular will be harmed by provisions in the new law. Mind you, this can only be an opinion because the law has never been applied and therefore could not have caused harm to anyone yet, but more importantly, there is absolutely no race-based language in the law. Everything in the law applies equally to all races, all genders, and people of all political persuasions or religious affiliation.

What the DOJ wants you — and particularly liberal judges — to believe is that if blacks are affected by provisions of the law to a greater extent than whites, then the law must be racist. This is absurd on its face. The equivalent would be to say that a ban on assault weapons is racist because more whites than blacks own AR-15s. Either Congress can pass a law banning weapons or it can’t. Thanks to the Second Amendment it can’t, although Garland and Biden seem intent on doing away with that constitutional protection as well, but as long as the hypothetical law applied to all people equally, it could not be called racist.

By the same token, the Georgia law is not racist. Banning ballot harvesting is not racist; it applies to all races equally. Restricting voting on Sunday is not racist. If black churches are affected, so too are white churches (although hopefully there are no churches that restrict their membership by race, so the very terms “black church” and “white church” are themselves crypto-racist descriptors). And of course, this lawsuit like so many liberal policies seems to assume that blacks are victims rather than full-fledged citizens.

Can’t organize a voter registration drive after church on Sunday? So what! Churches are among the most adept institutions when it comes to organizing and motivating their members to take part in community improvement. Yes, believe it or not, black churches would be perfectly capable of getting their members to election offices on days of the week not named Sunday. But racist liberals don’t believe it — or more likely they are patronizing blacks and other minorities on the voting issues, just like they patronize them on housing, crime, jobs and so much more.

Fortunately, the Constitution provides checks and balances to prevent the executive branch from manufacturing grievances in order to sow racial division and then play the part of the benevolent dictator who will protect some by oppressing others.

Among the most important of those checks on the power of the Biden administration are the 50-50 Senate and the 6-3 Supreme Court. When the Senate failed to pass the Easy Bake recipe for voter fraud contained in Nancy Pelosi’s “For the People Act,” it became urgent for Garland to push back against the individual states that sought to protect their citizens from federal overreach. Thus, the lawsuit against Georgia. Turning to the courts for permission to topple the pillars of American democracy has become a go-to move for Democrats in the past five decades.

And yet, a funny thing happened on the way to the courtroom last week. Before Garland could really even get his sharpshooter lawyers into position in Georgia, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled on a similar case out of Arizona that the federal Voting Rights Act cannot be used as a wrecking ball to demolish decades of progress in treating all citizens the same way when it comes to their most precious right. The court made it clear in a 6-3 ruling: If everyone follows the same rules, it’s not racism. (Duh.)

So much for Biden’s ambitious plan to guarantee one-party rule for Democrats. Now, if Garland and the DOJ don’t withdraw their lawsuit against Georgia, we will all know that their purpose is not to strengthen democracy but to destroy it.

The Justice Department is the de facto headquarters of the Biden Wrecking Crew, but it is by no means the only part of the administration dedicated to “fundamentally transforming” the United States into a socialist dystopia, often through the same race-based approach.

The Department of Agriculture under Biden tried to reserve $5 billion for black- or minority-owned farms under the American Rescue Plan. The bill provided access to grants and loans, debt relief and other benefits for so-called “disadvantaged” farmers. The only problem is that, according to this law, white farmers can’t be considered disadvantaged, and black farmers almost certainly are. That’s what we used to call racism. And it’s not just white farmers who are under attack. In the Commerce Department, the Small Business Administration is determined to prevent white owners from benefiting from the $29 billion Restaurant Revitalization Fund.

Worst of all, perhaps, the U.S. military — under the sleepy eye of President Biden — has begun deconstructing decades of work building a cohesive fighting force by dividing soldiers by race. Critical race theory, a Marxist concoction of black resentment and white guilt, has infiltrated all branches of the military, thanks to the “woke” politics of Gen. Mark Milley, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Milley and other top brass have been indoctrinating service members with a racist training program that encourages blacks to doubt their white counterparts, and encourages whites to doubt themselves. This is a recipe for disaster, and ensures that when our forces are put into harm’s way, they will not be able to depend on each other 100%. Doubt is the one thing you can’t have when your life and safety depend on your fellow soldier.

For that matter, doubt is the one thing that will undermine any great enterprise. If the people do not have confidence in their leaders, if they do not perceive a common goal and a common good, then they will turn aside to selfish ends. That is the worst and most predictable effect of the policies of Joe Biden’s Wrecking Crew — an America divided, and an America that cannot long endure.


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4 Replies to “The plot to destroy America (sadly it’s not just a movie anymore!)”

  1. Being a former member of the military tells me the new ‘rules’ will destroy its ability to function as a fighting force. The pipeline is suing the administration for $15B that the citizens will have to pay. Why would restaurant owners pay hires more than they can
    to make a profit when thousands upon thousands of illegal immigrants are flooding the country who will in-turn flood the restaurants and other small business for jobs at lower wages.

    The Biden administration is a loony group of Marxists living in a parallel fantasy universe who believe they will escape the personal destruction they are creating. It appears that the Biden family lawlessness is the policy of the present administration. Historically, in all such Marxist countries which they dream to create within the US ultimately destroy their original leaders. They are hoisted by their own petard as there is no limit of brutal authoratarian that is needed. Think Russia, Cuba, Venezuelan, NK, China, as a starter. They continue to foster the false lies that our present citizens can live happily in a Communist state. They should try it out first! RLS

  2. Yours is a wonderful voice to be heard in these times. However, as I forwarded this important article, I made this comment:

    A broken record but I have to criticize again the use of the word “Democratic”. Democrats are no more democratic than Antifa is Anti-fascist. Just the opposite in both cases.

    1. Thanks. I’ve heard this argument before. But I think groups get to name themselves and do so for specific effect. As an example, Democratic Socialists are probably communists and neither democratic or socialist. People need to look behind the surface of words and understand deeper meanings. Since Democratic Party is the group’s official name, I tend to use it rather than the supposedly derogatory Democrat Party. Also, the party is much more interested in adopting the dangerous principles of pure democracy than the Republican Party is, so maybe it fits.

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