Zinke wins ‘Total Endorsement’ from Trump for ’22 House bid

Ryan Zinke is one of the few people who Democrats and the media hate even more than Donald Trump, so it’s no surprise that President Trump endorsed Zinke in his bid to return to Congress.

Let the Swamp critters scurry! Zinke, like Trump, has had his Trial by Fire and when he returns to DC, it will be payback time. The former Navy Seal from Whitefish is a hard-hitting, straight-talking Montana native, and he will be a formidable candidate in Montana’s new second congressional district running against whatever squish the Democrats endorse out of the People’s Republic of Missoula.

Zinke previously was elected to Congress in 2014 and was re-elected For a second term before resigning at the request of President Trump to serve as Secretary of the Interior. While at Interior, Zinke became the favorite target of progressives who hated him for his pro-drilling, pro-farmer, pro-America policies. Oh yeah, and he’s the guy who called Hillary Clinton the antichrist!

All kinds of fake “ scandals” were thrown at Zinke, but none of them stuck. If the Swamp people thought they had seen the last of Ryan Zinke they were wrong.

Zinke announced Trump’s “Complete and Total Endorsement” on Twitter.

In his endorsement, Trump said, “Under Ryan Zinke’s leadership at the Department of the Interior, the U.S. achieved Energy Dominance, increased federal energy revenues, and responsibly opened federal acreage for energy production.”

“He was instrumental in expanding public access to public lands for recreation and rebuilding our National Parks and Forests infrastructure,” Trump continued. “As Montana’s Congressman for the new 2nd District, Ryan will fight against the Radical Left Democrats who continually block the America First policies we put in place.”

Trump also added, that “He will be a strong leader for the great Patriots of Montana. Ryan has my Complete and Total Endorsement for Congress!”

Zinke thanked the president in two tweets:

“Deeply honored to have POTUS Trump’s ‘complete & total endorsement’ for Montana’s new congressional seat. POTUS Trump & I fought liberal special interests to restore sanity to public land mgmt, rebuild public lands infrastructure, care for our forests, & make USA ENERGY DOMINANT!”

“In a few short months of Biden/Pelosi regime we’ve seen their radical plan for complete power and control. Our Western values and way of life are worth defending. I look forward to getting back in the saddle and fighting for Montana and the America First Policies. ?? ?? ??”

Zinke announced in June his intention to run for the new district in the 2022 election. Trump’s endorsement was probably timed to discourage fellow Republican Al Olszewski from continuing his bid for the seat. Olszewski announced his bid on July 1, and he appeals to Trump’s base with his strong pro-life commitment and rock-ribbed conservative values.

Olszewski, a retired physician from Kalispell, has lost two statewide races in Republican primaries — in the U.S. Senate race in 2018 and the governor’s race in 2020. No doubt he would serve in office admirably, as he did in the Montana Legislature earlier, but he will have a hard time competing against Zinke in fund-raising and now he has lost the chance to win a valuable endorsement that might sway Republican voters.

On the Democratic side, state Rep. Laurie Bishop out of the Livingston area is the only declared candidate, but more are expected.

I personally know both Zinke and Olszewski, and would love to see both of them in Congress along with Matt Rosendale, but it ain’t gonna happen. The Swamp media has thrown salvo after salvo at Zinke and he is still standing, so if he makes it back to Congress you can bet he will be a solid member of the Freedom Caucus fighting to save America and stop the socialist takeover.


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  1. We’re with you on this one Frank. Zinke HAS been tested by fire and is the proper choice.
    “From Strength to Strength”..

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