Dr. Shiva says Lindell may be victim of disinformation Deep State hoax

Dr. V. A. Shiva Ayyadurai (known as Dr. Shiva) appeared on “War Room” with Steve Bannon today at the third day of Mike Lindell’s Cyber Symposium.

Dr. Shiva, an engineer and computer scientist, warned that the numbers being used by Lindell as the “real results” of the 2020 presidential election are suspicious and could be evidence of a set-up. Watch Dr. Shiva here.

I warned way back in November of 2020 that the Deep State could plant false information about election fraud in order to make Trump supporters look like liars. The same technique was used by the CIA to discredit DA Jim Garrison when he got too close to the truth in the JFK assassination.

So now we have Mike Lindell promising that he has evidence of election fraud in the form of “packet captures,” but for the last three months he had talked about the packet captures without showing them. At his Symposium, he was supposed to show the evidence. But it’s day 3, and we are still waiting.

A person at the symposium actually asked “Why doesn’t Mike Lindell release the packet captures?” The people on stage didn’t answer him except to say they’ve never seen the P-Caps either.

Anyway, Dr. Shiva told “War Room” that the numbers released by Lindell show a remarkable consistency from state to state. In every case Lindell’s numbers show a 4.2 percent increase in Trump’s vote.

For that to be accurate, Shiva said, “Either this whole thing is a hoax, disinformation to try to actually take away the real substantive issues of election fraud (like ballot images, etc.) — a disinformation campaign being done using a very wonderful man [Lindell] — OR there’s a bunch of nerds out there who simply said we’re just going to subtract votes [From Trump] by 4.2 percent. So either it’s a hoax or people read the ‘Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy,’” a book about cosmic jokes where the number 42 is the answer to “the ultimate question of life, the universe and everything.”

Dr. Shiva is definitely leaning toward a set-up, and until Lindell releases the P-Caps, that is the most logical assumption. It is highly unlikely that all the electronic fraud could have been achieved uniformly across all 50 states.

As Shiva told Bannon: “There is real election fraud taking place. There is likely a set of people who want to blur that. Those in power are not that stupid, so in order to do that, they may do some outrageous stuff — put out something like this — to hide the real issues.”

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Bingo. It’s my Jim Garrison theory in spades. The CIA fed Garrison multiple false leads and sent him down rabbit holes so that he would lose the scent of the real assassination conspiracy. Then the CIA worked with the mainstream media to discredit Garrison, and the assassins got away with murder.

The same thing may be happening again. There has been lots of significant data discussed at the symposium, but all that will get lost — or be tainted — if it turns out that Lindell got conned by the Deep State.


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4 Replies to “Dr. Shiva says Lindell may be victim of disinformation Deep State hoax”

  1. I am suspicious of Dr. Shiva. Lets see him put up millions of dollars to find the truth. Just another nay-sayer and your article creates skeptics when we least need them.

  2. Many believed “bad actors” instigated events at the Capitol on 1/6 in the midst of an otherwise peaceful protest. Beatty kept digging. We may never know how many of those “bad actors” were govt agents. Same thing with Lindell. Was he attacked by someone on Uncle Sam’s payroll? It’s certainly important to ask the question. In a free country, seeking those answers is just as important. Thanks Frank.

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