National Enquirer gets it right: Dementia Joe must go!

It’s a sad day when we get better and more truthful news coverage out of the National Enquirer than the New York Times!

But that’s where we are at. While the Times and the mainstream media are making excuses for Joe Biden and covering up for his dementia and demented communist policies, the famous gossip newspaper is exposing Biden for the buffoon he is.

Maj. Gen Paul Vallely of Bigfork, Montana, was one of the key interviews in the National Enquirer article.

Here’s part of it:

“Biden is delusional!” retired U.S. Army Major General Paul Vallely, now chairman of the Stand Up America U.S. Foundation, told the Enquirer. “He’s abandoned our allies and his own people. He’s totally incompetent and mentally diminished!

“He needs to be removed from office.”

The article says that “Washington, D.C., insiders worry Biden’s increasingly bizarre behavior, including weird public laughing fits, verbal gaffes and forgetfulness, indicate he‘s suffering from advanced dementia and taking vacations to hide his addled mental state.”

The article includes examples and the assessment of a California-based psychiatrist that Biden is “losing his grip.”

Vallely cautions in the article that the 25th Amendment process would probably not work to remove Biden from office because it would elevate a Kamala Harris to the presidency.

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“Vice President Kamala Harris is unfit for the job,” he said, noting a new poll found 55 percent of Americans believe she is “not qualified” to serve as president.

“Both she and Biden need to resign for the good of the country,” which would give House Speaker Nancy Pelosi the jets to the White House.


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