It begins! 75 Afghan refugees coming to Montana; Rosendale objects

Rep. Matt Rosendale has just informed Montana that 75 Afghan refugees are being resettled in Montana by the lawless Biden administration.

Rosendale notes that he has vigorously opposed settling the unvetted refugees in Montana.

There is no word yet on where the 75 refugees are headed. In August, the Missoulian reported that “The International Rescue Committee (IRC) in Missoula currently has seven Afghan refugees completing processing and is set to receive three more individuals in the near future who will be settling in Montana, some of which are expected to end up in Missoula.”

Here is Rep. Rosendale’s complete statement.

 Rep. Rosendale Statement on Afghanistan Refugees in Montana 

“Today I learned that 75 refugees from Afghanistan will be arriving in Montana. I strongly oppose the resettlement of these Afghan nationals in Montana.

“Following the Biden Administration’s disastrously mismanaged withdrawal from Afghanistan, I warned that we could not use this Administration’s incompetence to justify flooding our communities with unvetted refugees.

“The traditional vetting process for these individuals is a 14-step procedure, that takes well over a year. The mass evacuation of over 100,000 Afghan nationals in a matter of weeks has made proper vetting of these individuals near impossible.

“At this time, it appears extremely unlikely the Biden Administration properly vetted the Afghan nationals being resettled in Montana. I have advocated that we should try and settle these individuals in other countries around Afghanistan that share their values and culture, especially if we can not ensure proper vetting.

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“As elected officials, it is our duty to protect the citizens we represent—and I will not allow this Administration to compromise the safety of Montanans.”

—Representative Matt Rosendale

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13 Replies to “It begins! 75 Afghan refugees coming to Montana; Rosendale objects”

  1. It seems like a knee jerk reaction from Rep. Rosendale; so much for highly touted, Montana hospitality and the biblical call to “welcome the stranger in your midst”.

    On the flip side, Idaho is set to welcome 400 Afghan refugees with all hands on deck
    settling them in comfortably as is fitting for the majority of the adults that we are told assisted the U.S. in its translating needs and “nation building”. The following clip might prove helpful for those concerned about vetting procedures etc.

    1. Nancy: I think protecting the homeland should be a knee-jerk reaction. The refugees have not been vetted, and no one should assume the Biden administration has our best interests at heart. Today we learned that many of the refugees are bringing measles into our communities.

    2. Nancy: I think protecting the homeland should be a knee-jerk reaction. The refugees have not been vetted, and no one should assume the Biden administration has our best interests at heart. Today we learned that many of the refugees are bringing measles into our communities.

  2. So what? Many of our unvaccinated, unmasked, “freedom loving” locals blithely bring the Delta strain of Covid into our public places on a daily basis; some of the most ignorant smirking & thumbing their noses at those who still choose to mask.
    There are safe vaccines for both measles & Covid that work for most of humankind. Those of us throughout the world who, as children, suffered greatly from both strains of measles and nearly died of whooping cough or other maladies look upon vaccines as a blessing from God.
    Being vaccinated for measles is a small price to pay for Afghans coming into the U.S. Surely, the majority will be in compliance.

  3. Wouldn’t be surprised if those 75 get settled in Bozeman, a place so expensive in Montana that most Montanans can’t afford it…..

  4. Nancy, So what if some decline the experimental gene therapy shot? The vaccinated are able to spread this virus the same as the unvaccinated so it shouldn’t bother you a bit if one does not want to be a lab rat. (Look up details on that regarding the outbreak in MA and the data from Israel of their highly vaccinated population). If you think the jab does what they tell you it does, then you are protected. Good for you. If you are worried that it does not do what they tell you it will do, then why the heck would you care if anyone else gets the jab? Another thing, you don’t know if this “vaccine” is safe. You have no idea what the heck the long term effects of this MRNA shot will be because this type of vaccine technology has NEVER been used on this scale before in humans.

    Obviously, you loathe your fellow citizens whom you dub the “freedom loving ones”, what does the bible have to say about that? Or Pride for that matter?

    I agree with Rep Rosendale. There is no way that these refugees were vetted and it is ridiculous to believe they were. What chaotic conditions they were departing under and they were just tossing Afghans on planes. Blinken even said “only some of these people” actually had the right kind of visa to even be coming to the US. Do you really think we had 100,000 interpreters? Then exactly what did these folks do for us? Also, bringing tons of refugees from a country where 39% of the population believes that suicide bombing is justifiable (per Pew Research) might be a bad idea for our National Security. The refugees should have been placed at bases around Afghanistan where cultural and religious differences would not be so vast. Much easier for them to assimilate.

    I don’t think I would throw bible verses around just to support your position on open borders and mass migration. One verse does not cover the multitude of sins of the citizens, policies, or politicians in this country, who care not one iota for what God’s Word says. Certainly, we would all be better off as a country if we got back to our Judeo Christian roots. Perhaps we can agree on that since you seem to want to speak as/for other Christians. I also see medical advancements as blessing from God, but the jury is still out on whether or not the covid vaccine will turn out to be one of those. Discernment is also a blessing from God and there is nothing wrong with people wanting to take care and wait for the facts and evidence to bear that out.

  5. Jenny. My, my..knee jerking seems to be catchy. No, I do not “loathe fellow citizens” nor do I support “open borders and mass migration” ‘furthermore, I am probably just as much a flag flying, freedom loving patriot as you or Rep Rosendale, and I do not say that pridefully but as a grateful, 4th generation North American whose ancestors from 4 different countries endured severe hardships to make a fresh start in a new land. Due to my admiration and empathy for what they suffered, especially from the bias and prejudice of people who have problems with outsiders and strangers, (especially if their skin is a different color or they have cultural “peculiarities”) I have a unique history, I guess, of always siding with those who are marginalized or victimized for one reason or another. After the Vietnam withdrawal debacle (probably before your time) there was just as much consternation about resettling the Boat People refugees (Wiki this) throughout the nation as there is currently with resettling the Afghanies. In Northern California, during that time, I had the unique privilege of addressing and welcoming a large group of those Boat People families at an event hosted at a Catholic-Christian retreat center. FYI, the
    Boat People integrated beautifully as will the Afghanies with just a little help and compassion from their fellow citizens (and Divine Providence). This is the true American way.

  6. Don….Alas, the California that was so beautiful and bountiful in the 1850’s when my great grandparents arrived from the Azores is, indeed, in a “good mess”, but she provided a good living for countless Montanans during the war years, among whom was my aunt’s husband from Helmville, MT.
    Praise the Lord for small blessings! Thanks, but no thanks for your input, Don. REAL Montanans are much more hospitable and kind.

  7. Nancy,
    Ok, maybe loathing was a bit of a strong word, but your wording was hardly compassionate or loving towards your fellow citizens. And I quote…..

    “Many of our unvaccinated, unmasked, “freedom loving” locals blithely bring the Delta strain of Covid into our public places on a daily basis; some of the most ignorant smirking & thumbing their noses at those who still choose to mask”

    I am certain that you love your freedom, but do you love your fellow American’s freedoms just as much as your own?

    Spare me the my, my’s as if I am an unreasonable or irrational teenager. I am going to point out the simple difference with the Vietnam boat people and the Afghan refugees- their religious views. The 3 main religions in Vietnam are Daoism, Buddhism, and Confucianism. I am no expert, but I don’t think any of those 3 advocate or find acceptable the subjugation/extermination of the infidels with “jihad”. I am also a bit skeptical of the “religion of peace” mantra especially after the latest big boom outside of the Kabul airport. It may also be worth repeating that 39% of the population of Afghanistan believes that suicide bombing is justifiable (per Pew Research). Call me uncompassionate, but I don’t consider that a “cultural peculiarity”. Not to mention the DATA from Europe about the explosion of crime in their countries after welcoming a huge share of refugees from that part of the world.

    Lastly, please don’t insinuate that everyone that holds a different opinion on this issue is racist. It is not racist to employ common sense and caution in these matters. I don’t care what color someone’s skin is. I do care about the content of their character. As citizens of this wonderful country we have a right to expect our Government to keep us safe from foreign entities that would seek to do us harm. The question remains…were these people vetted properly or not and what assurances do we have that this happened correctly amid the chaos? If the answers are no and none, then they should not have been sent to Montana.

    And a humble reminder that this is the beginning of the actual American way…

    “We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”

    -Preamble of the U.S. Constitution

    Take care Nancy.

  8. I just,this A M , finished reading a long article re: muslim immigration ..European nations…
    Too long to post here …It seemed rational,non confrontational, nor specifically
    slanted one way or the other ..Just observed and reported stats,research and compilation.
    Below is the final paragraph:……

    ” All evidence to date suggests that when Western democracies invite poor Muslim migrants, that vicious cycle of sympathy, indifference, and hostility is almost guaranteed to follow”.

    The ‘muslim’ problem has been with the WORLD for 1400 years .Thats deemed “History”
    from which we should learn and (gasp) ‘JUDGE.’
    “They” create mosques…infiltrate a community…increase in numbers and then ,along with irrational sympatheizers have heavy input in governing entities.
    School boards…councils ,etc..cnty,state and Fed Govt..
    An eye open review of current Congressional muslims should give realistic insight into this.
    I am well into volume 3 of Mr. Miele 6 novels…I would suggest you read them. This problem is addressed with BACK UP facts and references,..Altho’ my opinion was set decades ago..
    I have yet to see much in the way of the ‘religeon of peace” Anywhere… Even, and perhaps especially ,among themselves..
    Decisions based on heartfelt emotions rather then studied facts
    are not good (see divorce rates).

    Research American muslim areas of infiltration and determine if thinking with the heart is more wise then rational decision making.
    Very current example:
    Taliiban, Al-Quida are muslim….Afghan population ,inc women are muslim ..Read about how one treats the other…
    Skills , spelling and/or grammar, per Mark Twain, are over.rated .Did readers get the drift ?

  9. Additional “Afghan Info:”
    2nd article today: Headline:

    “Afghans in Europe 10-16x More Likely to Rape, Murder
    Europeans Vow Never Again”

    By Afghan mentioned above,they refer to muslim..

    In most lives , We come to recognize in any given situation
    the good stuff will take care of itself..Its the possible negatives that must be evaluated PRIOR to commitment..?? or they could prove deadly ..Biz. or health wise….
    Unless and until muslims prove different.., sentiment is not going to to alter History. ??
    It seems acceptable today for ‘folks’ to be OK
    with being critical of the KJV ,.a Christian book.
    Um, notice not much negative said about muslim bible …
    too dangerous ..It is deplorable ..?
    Soapbox back in closet.

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