AZ MAGA star Kari Lake stands up to Fake News Aussie in classic takedown

Since I’m writing about fake news this week with my column about the “Legitimate Political Discourse” hoax, I thought I would give credit to Kari Lake, the former local anchor and current GOP candidate for governor of Arizona, for her masterful takedown of a blowhard Australian journalist.

This happened late last week in an interview for “60 Minutes Australia,” and since Lake knows what to expect from Fake News reporters, she taped the entire interview herself to demonstrate how biased and deceptive this reporter was.

Not only did she push back against this ignorant reporter’s “Big Lie” propaganda, but she called him out on Australia’s gun confiscation scam and the covid internment camps!

Watch the entire interview on Lake’s Twitter feed:

This woman is one of the few politicians besides Donald Trump equipped to stand toe to toe with the scumbags in the media. Let’s hope she gets elected governor!


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2 Replies to “AZ MAGA star Kari Lake stands up to Fake News Aussie in classic takedown”

  1. #FAKELAKE is a RINGER DEMOCRAT who has NEVER worked for a Conservative Cause and has No conservative convictions. Someone needs to tell her that a gun is Not a Fashion Accessory. Total FRAUD. she supported Obama/Biden, John Kerry and supported and praised Merrick Garland. She has NO experience running anything but her wardrobe/makeup while reading the news on a very liberal tv station. She has No skills needed to run a STATE! Her newly found talking points are just empty words from a shiny object Empty Suit. Total FRAUD!

    1. I’ve heard all this before , but it doesn’t bother me. Trump used to be a Democrat too. So did Brandon Straka. Lots of Republicans would never have the guts to speak the truth like Kari Lake does. And Ducey proves that being a a Republican just isn’t good enough.

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