My New Column: Dobbs Ruling Is a Victory for ‘Black Life’

In my new column at Real Clear Politics, I outline the cost to black America of legal abortion. The racist history of the abortion industry is self-evident, starting with Margaret Sanger. When will white liberals admit the damage they have done?

The headline in Newsweek was typical of the corrupt media, which will stoop to any depth to promote leftist propaganda: “Republican Who Called Roe Ruling ‘Victory for White Life’ Wins Primary.”

The Republican in this case was Rep. Mary Miller of Illinois, who was endorsed by Donald Trump and therefore fair game for sliming. At a rally the week before her election victory, Miller had an embarrassing slip of the tongue and told Trump that “on behalf of all the MAGA patriots in America, I want to thank you for the historic victory for white [slight pause] life in the Supreme Court yesterday.” 

It was obvious by her own confusion that she meant to say “right to life,” but in the excitement of the moment, she stumbled and never corrected herself. She did go on to say that “Our victories for life and the Second Amendment would never have been possible if the Never Trump RINOS had gotten their way,” and she apologized for the misstep later, but it didn’t matter. The far-left goon squad that shapes opinion in America had its target and it opened fire.

Headline after headline accused Miller of being a “white supremacist,” compared her to a hooded member of the Ku Klux Klan, and generally reported the unfortunate phrasing as if it were intentional and represented Miller’s true beliefs.

Just on the face of it, that is absurd. Miller is not an idiot. If she really were a racist, the one thing you can be sure of is she would never proclaim it publicly while campaigning for reelection. Everyone knows that her reference to “white life” was an accident and did not reflect her beliefs, but the Fake News Media will seize on any opportunity to embarrass or marginalize Republicans. It’s such a common occurrence that it wouldn’t merit attention at all except that the Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision wasn’t just a victory for “life,” nor for “white life.” It was most of all a victory for “black life,” something most white liberals don’t want to talk about.

Here’s why. It’s been well-known for decades that Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers have a disproportionate presence in black and other minority neighborhoods. You can argue whether that is because of racist intentions, but you can’t argue with the numbers.

According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, a respected nonpartisan (albeit left-leaning) nonprofit that provides “independent information on national health issues,” in 2019, twice as many legal abortions were performed on minority women as on white women. In total, 33% of abortions were obtained by white women, 38% by black women, and 21% by Hispanic women. Only 7% of abortions were performed on women of Asian, Native American, or other descent.

It may not be immediately obvious, but those numbers reveal a virtual holocaust in the black community, whereas abortion has had the least impact on white families. Put the numbers in perspective. In 2019, whites comprised 60% of the U.S. population, but had only 33% of the abortions, nearly half as many as you would expect in a race-neutral distribution. Hispanics comprised 18.5% of the U.S. population, and had a similar percentage of the abortions – 21%. But blacks, who made up only 12.2% of the population in 2019, experienced 38% of the abortions – more than three times what would be expected if race were not a factor.

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Can I say that Planned Parenthood is targeting African Americans? No, but I have to wonder whether the pro-choice advocates who are lamenting the loss of universal abortion rights have any idea how much damage legal abortion has done to the black community.

It is estimated that more than 63 million babies were aborted since Roe legalized abortion in 1973. More than 20 million of those were African American babies, which means that the black community was robbed of huge potential – another Martin Luther King Jr., a Patrick Mahomes, or a Maya Angelou – and of course the loss of representation in politics, arts, and sports in general. The black voice in American life was diminished, and yet privileged white liberals celebrate abortion.

It makes sense that this is one of the undeniable impacts of legal abortion. Planned Parenthood is the legacy of Margaret Sanger, who championed the idea of birth control in the early 20thcentury, and was an avowed supporter of eugenics. Did she ever come right out and say she wanted to prevent blacks from reproducing? Not precisely, but the evidence is clear that one of her aims was to limit reproduction among certain “undesirable” groups. You don’t have to take my word for it; just read what Planned Parenthood says about Sanger on its own website:

“Sanger believed in eugenics — an inherently racist and ableist ideology that labeled certain people unfit to have children. … At times, Sanger tried to argue for a eugenics that was not applied based on race or religion. But in a society built on the belief of white supremacy, physical and mental fitness are always judged based on race. … Sanger was so intent on her mission to advocate for birth control that she chose to align herself with ideas and organizations that were ableist and white supremacist. In 1926, she spoke to the women’s auxiliary of the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) at a rally in New Jersey to promote birth control methods. Sanger endorsed the 1927 Buck v. Bell decision, in which the Supreme Court ruled that states could forcibly sterilize people deemed ‘unfit’ without their consent and sometimes without their knowledge. The acceptance of this decision by Sanger and other thought leaders laid the foundation for tens of thousands of people to be sterilized, often against their will.”

Whether it was sterilization or abortion, the goal was the same – to limit reproduction among individuals and groups whom Sanger considered unworthy. Blacks weren’t her only targets, but the African American community may be the most devastated.

If you need more evidence, consider this report from the Madison (Wisconsin) Capital Times of March 18, 1930, on a lecture given by Sanger to a local audience:

“[Sanger] drew a picture, familiar to her through 16 years of struggle and argument, of a minority of 20 millions of intelligent persons in the United States carrying the burden of 45,000,000 subnormal and mediocre persons; the intelligent limiting their families; the subnormal, multiplying unchecked.”

The numbers prove that Sanger was intent on controlling population among large groups, not just what she would call the feeble-minded. The 20 million “intelligent persons” encompassed what was called in those days WASPs (White Anglo-Saxon Protestants), and for Sanger and her ilk, the 45 million “subnormal” people included blacks, Hispanics, and Italian-born Catholic immigrants like my own ancestors.

“The United States government recognizes its population problem,” she declared. “Its immigration laws exclude the unfit, the illiterate, the diseased, the mentally deficient, those likely to become a charge on the community and others. But once in the country they are practically forced to multiply unchecked,” she declared. … The … millions of mediocre and subnormal, she declared, resulted in slums, child labor, ignorance and misery.”

Her solution to the child labor problem was fewer children, at least among the lower class families whose rise out of poverty would depend on having more children.

Ironically, today we have exactly the opposite “population problem.” Because of abortion, we have too few children growing up to be workers and to support our economy. Therefore, our federal government has an immigration policy that excludes no one. Someone had to make up the loss of those 63 million aborted babies. Our open border is the unintended consequence of Sanger’s eugenics-driven experiment in social engineering.

Sadly, the experiment is not over yet. The Dobbs decision that overturned Roe v. Wade did not make abortion illegal, but rather turned the legal authority over to the states. That being the case, many minority communities in Democrat-controlled states such as New York, New Jersey, Illinois, and California will remain the preferred location for Planned Parenthood clinics. Black babies will still be at risk, and most of the media will pretend that that’s a good thing.


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  1. I served for twenty-eight years in the military where all took an oath to
    basically protect and defend the citizens of our country to our last breath.
    That oath meant all human life was to be protected, not certain classes of
    life, and especially, to protect those that were defenseless. I would imagine
    that all would agree that a fetus is defenseless against brutal outside forces
    and needs protection in order to survive. I never thought I would live to see
    the day that our citizen government would legalize the death of innocent and
    unborn future citizens upon demand and without just cause. RLS

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