Introducing ‘The Year of the Cowboy’: A writer’s memoir of a misspent youth


HEARTLAND DIARY USA READERS, I’ve completed a memoir that reveals my early life, which should have left me totally messed up, but just made me stronger. Proving once again that Hemingway knew what he was talking about. I’m looking for a literary agent right now to help me find a publisher, and apparently the bigger social presence I have the more likely I will be able to get a deal. So I’m promoting the book on my website, and on my social media. Give it a like if you want to know “the rest of the story” about your favorite conservative columnist Frank Miele!

HERE’S THE PITCH: In 1977, Frank Miele arrived in Missoula, Montana, to attend the graduate writers workshop at the University of Montana. This followed 21 years of a disastrous life that included a parental divorce and a father who vanished on him, a stepfather who would have been his savior except he became ill with MS and died of the disease, a drug addiction that began before sixth grade, a paranoid obsession that came from trying to cover up his mother’s live-in relationship with her boyfriend while her husband was in the hospital, and a nervous breakdown brought about by a disastrously bad LSD trip. He didn’t think he had anything to write about, but he knew he wanted to be a writer. When he got to Missoula as a 22-year-old virgin, he discovered he didn’t know anything about life. Fortunately, that year turned his life around, and instead of becoming a novelist Frank became a respected Montana journalist for nearly 40 years. Now he tells the brutally honest story of “The Year of the Cowboy” – the year when he learned how to duel with all his demons and leave them behind while he rode safely into the sunset.

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4 Replies to “Introducing ‘The Year of the Cowboy’: A writer’s memoir of a misspent youth”

  1. Hey, Frank – I think it will be a best seller as it shows how someone from a rough upbringing pulled themselves up from their bootstraps. Unlike the whining generation of today – blaming everyone else for their failures to launch. Keep us (your readers)in the loop on the book sales…
    Jan Richmond formerly from Missoula, Kalispell now in Whitehall.

    1. Hi Jan: That’s what I was hoping (not the bestseller part but the reader reaction part). Anyway, it’s a good book but now I have to get it published lol. —Frank

  2. HI Frank,
    I was having a midnight AFIB episode when I first read this; sorry for delay.
    Personal testimony of any kind is powerful and your story, written in your inimitable way, will, undoubtedly, touch the lives of many. Blessings going forward.

    Nancy (and Bill) McGunagle

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