A real whistleblower says Biden had a conflict in Ukraine all along

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“Ever since the Fake Ukrainian Impeachment story started, I have been waiting for someone to debunk the Democrat excuse that Biden was just doing the bidding of the powerful European Community when he bullied Ukraine into firing the prosecutor who was investigating his son Hunter’s company, Burisma. It was such a convenient excuse that it

Mulvaney’s masterful presser includes bonus snub of ‘rude’ Jim Acosta

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I loved the way Mick Mulvaney handled his press conference today — the first since he took over as White House chief of staff in December 2018. Mulvaney was running interference on the decision to hold the upcoming G7 conference at the Trump Doral resort, knowing full well that the Media Mob and the Coup

Sad! Bolton turns out to be the rat everyone said he was

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No one has a worse reputation in Washington, D.C., that John Bolton, the neo-con national security “expert” who never met a war he didn’t like. I’ve been one of the few fans of Bolton, overlooking his hair-trigger willingness to resort to military solutions because I was heartened by his adamant distrust of fundamental Islam. What

Democrat debate makes three things perfectly clear

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The Democrats held their fourth debate on Tuesday night, and when the smoke cleared there were three obvious takeaways. 1) CNN has no shame. Two days after Project Veritas exposed the blatant bias of the left-wing lobbying organization (not news organization) known as CNN, celebrity anchor Anderson Cooper went to the mat for his Trump-hating

CNN, Ukraine, Trump, the Bidens and the lie heard ’round the world

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Beware the media machine! That is the message of the past 24 hours. Ignore it at your own peril. We learned that CNN is run by a venal madman who is obsessed like Captain Ahab with harpooning his great white whale — in this case Donald Trump. Thanks to Project Veritas and an undercover whistleblower,

‘A Declaration of Due Process’: Trump fights back against the Swamp

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My column at Real Clear Politics today celebrates President Trump’s decision to put a roadblock in front of the runaway congressional impeachment train. If the Declaration of Independence was a rebuke against a reckless king who had abused his power, the letter written by White House Attorney Pat Cipollone to Speaker Nancy Pelosi is a

Did Rep. Ilhan Omar join anti-Trump riot in Minneapolis?

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The most interesting story you won’t read about in the left-wing Corrupt Media today is the allegation that Rep. Ilhan Omar was present at the anti-Trump riot in her home district of Minneapolis on Thursday. The Gateway Pundit has published video evidence that shows a woman who looks extraordinarily like Omar at the protest, which

WATCH: Trump fights back against ‘bulls—t impeachment’; crowd goes wild

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President Trump is a remarkable man for many reasons, but one thing that distinguishes him from most mere mortals is his astounding resilience. Let’s face it. Most of us thought he was toast after Billy Bush and the infamous “Access Hollywood” video surfaced as the October surprise in 2016. Any other politician would have crumbled.

2020 Preview: Far-left protest turns ugly outside Trump rally (VIDEO)

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While President Trump was delivering a brilliant speech at the Target Center in Minneapolis, far-left protesters were resorting to violence and intimidation outside. In addition to surrounding Trump supporters and threatening police, the far-left crazies also built a bonfire out of MAGA caps and other pro-America paraphernalia. Supposedly, the hats had been stolen from Those

WhistleblowerGate is Deep State coup in plain sight

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If you could pick your political opponents, President Trump could have done no better than to pick the bumbling Keystone Spooks in the misnamed U.S. “Intelligence” Community. It’s like watching a “Pink Panther” film festival, with Brennan, Clapper and Comey all vying for the role of the clueless Inspector Clouseau. It appears they left all