What dark hole did Mitt Romney crawl out of?

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It’s hard to fathom the level of absolute depravity that Sen. Mitt Romney has descended to, but I will give it a try. Today, the failed presidential candidate tweeted out a condemnation of President Trump for commuting Roger Stone’s sentence. “Unprecedented, historic corruption: an American president commutes the sentence of a person convicted by a

Montana moms win big victory for religious freedom

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It took nearly five years, but the crusade of two mothers from Kalispell, Montana, for justice, finally paid off when the U.S. Supreme Court in a surprise decision agreed with their lawsuit that said parents of children in church-affiliated schools should not be discriminated against by the state. I say it is a surprise decision

Apt symbol: Ten Commandments monument toppled as country descends into chaos

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The Ten Commandments monument in Kalispell is part of a “cornerstones of law” display outside the old County Courthouse. When it was toppled this weekend, it was an apt symbol of the nation’s descent into chaos and lawlessness in the last two months. A ne’er-do-well named Craig Weimer has been arrested for wrapping a chain

FLASHBACK: My first column on candidate Trump and the escalator ride into history

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(EDITOR’S NOTE: This column first appeared in the Daily Inter Lake on Aug. 2, 2015. It was my first column about candidate Donald Trump and was the first of many columns I wrote exposing the lies that the Fake News Media were promoting about Trump. Although it appeared about six weeks after Trump’s famous escalator