Don’t mess with Matt Gaetz; Florida congressman skewers Trump-hating law profs

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There were many highlights for Republicans at today’s impeachment hearing before the House Judiciary Committee. Perhaps best of all was the five minute scolding that Rep. Matt Gaetz gave to the three pro-impeachment Trump-hating law professors that were rolled out by the Democrats. If you missed it, check out this video of Gaetz confronting these

Law professors vs. the Deplorables: A day at the impeachment circus

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I didn’t think it was possible for any group of people to be more self-important, more full of themselves, than the disgruntled diplomats who testified before Impeachment Czar Adam Schiff, but then I heard today’s panel of law professors — and I realized that the arrogance of the elites far exceeds even what we Deplorables

End the charade. Let’s just vote on impeachment! Facts don’t matter to Dems anyway!

Congressional hijinksCorruption and CoverupDeep State coupElection 2020MAGAPolitics – Down and Dirty

I’m tempted to watch today’s Fake Impeachment hearing on tape delay so that I can fast forward through the bloviating and lying of the Democrats and their witnesses. Alas, time waits for no man and neither does impeachment. I am obligated to hang on every mendacious word that falls from Jerry Nadler’s dedicated and dissembling

Schiff’s folly: President’s ‘misconduct’ consists of being president

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I know I just said I wouldn’t bother to read the idiotic Impeachment Inquiry Report, but I couldn’t resist peeking at it. The good news, I think, is that the president gave the Democrats enough rope to hang themselves. I was particularly interested in what the report calls “the baseless smear campaign” against former US

Schiff’s impeachment report just more of the same BS

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You don’t have to go past the second paragraph of the preface to see the lies start to pile up in Adam Schiff’s “Impeachment Inquiry Report” that was released today. Consider this whopper: “The Committees pursued the truth vigorously, but fairly, ensuring the full participation of both parties throughout the probe.” LOL. Yep, I remember

Bullock bows out of presidential race; even windmills get a chuckle

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Montana Gov. Steve Bullock just dropped out of the presidential race. Let me know if you are surprised. Even I — a political analyst based in Montana — could find absolutely no reason to take seriously Bullock’s doomed campaign. I wrote about him in May as a warning to the nation that he was a

Democrats are the real cult; read my new column at RCP

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The Democrats are spouting nonsense again — this time they are trying to convince Trump supporters that we are being manipulated by “cult leader” Donald Trump. LOL. It’s Democrats who believe in conspiracy theories like climate change, who have Antifa thugs to keep people in line and who exploit millions of people in inner cities

RINO, thy name is Gov. Brian Kemp; don’t turn your back on Trump!

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Gov. Brian Kemp of Georgia may well surpass Mitt Romney as the political ingrate of the year. Kemp won office in 2018 by an incredibly narrow margin over the radical socialist Democrat Stacey Abrams. If it were not for the efforts of President Donald Trump and other conservatives, Georgia would now be in the hands

NY Times gets an earful from pro-Trump swing voters!

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The New York Times made the mistake of asking swing voters what they think of Trump. They could not have liked what they heard! Political guru Nate Cohn and reporter Claire Cain Miller on Tuesday night reported the results of their investigation under the headline: “They Voted Democratic. Now They Support Trump.” “Nearly two-thirds of

Tonight’s Democratic debate is collateral damage of impeachment farce

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As Wednesday’s sham impeachment hearing dragged on into the early evening, it became obvious that one significant casualty would be the Democratic presidential debate being held on MSNBC. Even if the hearing ended before the 9 pm EST scheduled start time of the debate, it would likely have left the politically inclined audience members exhausted