Court ruling on Electoral College is a clear and present danger

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My column this week at Real Clear Politics is a warning that the Supreme Court, in a seemingly innocuous decision, has laid the groundwork for undermining the Electoral College and ensuring Democrat presidents for years to come. High Court Opens Door to Electoral College Subversion By Frank Miele It doesn’t happen often, but Rush Limbaugh

Debunking Mueller, Pelosi and Schiff lies about Roger Stone

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When the Crypt Keeper Robert Mueller showed signs of life this weekend, it must have shocked everyone who watched his performance last July before the House Judiciary Committee. As I wrote at that time, Mueller showed no evidence of being aware of his surroundings, let alone the facts of the Phony Russia Collusion case against

Hooray! Trump saves Roger Stone’s life! Dems explode!

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Wow! President Trump pulled the trigger and commuted Roger Stone’s prison sentence Friday, thus forcing the justice system to accept justice against its will. He obviously did it without any regard for his own well-being too — because he will be condemned by corrupt left-wing media scumbags relentlessly for the next hundred-something days before the

Montana moms win big victory for religious freedom

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It took nearly five years, but the crusade of two mothers from Kalispell, Montana, for justice, finally paid off when the U.S. Supreme Court in a surprise decision agreed with their lawsuit that said parents of children in church-affiliated schools should not be discriminated against by the state. I say it is a surprise decision

Roberts betrays nation again by blocking Trump’s DACA repeal

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Chief Justice John Roberts may be the most dangerous man in America. His willingness to toss out the Constitution in order to protect liberal ideologies and agendas certainly makes him the worst chief justice in history. He started down that road by siding with the court’s four liberal justices to protect Obamacare despite it’s obviously

FLASHBACK: ‘John Roberts: Worst chief justice ever?’

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(EDITOR’S NOTE: I speculated in 2015 that John Roberts might be the worst chief justice ever. After Roberts’ ruling today to forbid presidents from rescinding executive orders, we can remove the question mark. Look for this essay in my forthcoming book, “How We Got Here: The Left’s Assault on the Constitution.”) John Roberts: Worst chief

Chuck Schumer threatens Supreme Court justices; yep, he’s a Marxist thug!

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If you still didn’t want to believe that Democrats are dangerous ideologues, just listen to what Sen. Chuck Schumer said about Supreme Court Justices Brett Kavanaugh and Neil Gorsuch today. Talking about the Supreme Court hearing an abortion-related case, Schumer threatened the justices with language that we usually associate with criminal gangs or Marxist thugs:

Blagojevich finally out of prison; Swamp is unhappy! Let’s celebrate!

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Great news! President Trump has commuted the sentence of former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich. Of course, the swamp is hopping mad. Blagojevich is supposed to remain in prison as a warning to all swamp critters to do what they are told and play the game. Blagojevich has been in prison since 2012 on manufactured charges

Bill Barr needs to put on his Big Boy Pants

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The Justice Department has been in the news more than usual lately, starting with the breaking news Monday that the U.S. attorney had recommended a 7-9 year sentence for Roger Stone on the charge of being arrogant, unflappable, creative and — worst of all — an avid supporter of President Trump. By the wee hours

Flynn, McCabe and Avenatti: The good, the bad and the ugly

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After the Roger Stone follies, the Justice Department probably should have gone to ground for the rest of the week. Instead, they announced two decisions that were open to criticism from the right in one case, the left in another, and coincidentally a verdict in a third case that hopefully should have everyone celebrating. Let’s