Climate kids’ goofy lawsuit tossed out ‘reluctantly’ by 9th Circuit

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Even when you win, you lose. At least that’s the way it feels when you read the judges’ comments in the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals decision to throw out the lawsuit of 21 children who wanted to reverse hundreds of years of progress and send the United States into a new Dark Age because

Law professors vs. the Deplorables: A day at the impeachment circus

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I didn’t think it was possible for any group of people to be more self-important, more full of themselves, than the disgruntled diplomats who testified before Impeachment Czar Adam Schiff, but then I heard today’s panel of law professors — and I realized that the arrogance of the elites far exceeds even what we Deplorables

AG Barr sounds clarion call for fight against progressive power grab

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Attorney General William Barr has proven time and again that he is a true patriot who cowers before no man. His place in history as a freedom fighter was permanently cemented last week when he gave a speech to the Federalist Society about the assault on the presidency by the supposedly co-equal branches. Barr devoted

Comey and McCabe walking around free is an insult to the rule of law

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It’s a case of good news/bad news for Americans who are waiting for accountability in the silent coup waged against President Trump. We have now learned that both of the top two officials in the Obama era FBI have had criminal referrals sent to the Department of Justice by Inspector General Michael Horowitz. That’s the

Justice Kavanaugh smeared by New York Times again; he should sue the pants off them

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The Fake News Media won’t give up in smearing conservatives. The question now is when will America give up on the Fake News Media? This morning we woke up to the outrageous story from the New York Times that the FBI didn’t investigate yet another sexual assault allegation against Justice Brett Kavanaugh. This the equivalent

Abortion: A sickness of the spirit, a disease of the soul

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The ability of virtually the entire modern world to convince itself that human babies have no innate value is surely evidence of a spiritual disease. The latest symptom of that disease just surfaced this week when more than 2,000 aborted infant fetuses were found in the Illinois home of a deceased abortion doctor who had

Sen. John Kennedy of Louisiana defends YOUR gun rights and OUR republic

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I don’t think I’ve ever been disappointed in the down home wit and wisdom of Republican Sen. John Kennedy of Louisiana. Today on “Varney and Co.” he brilliantly battled the forces in the left who want to dismantle our U.S. Constitution, starting with the Second Amendment. Kennedy starts out by reminding viewers that we don’t

Comey walks for now, but he will burn later

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Well, I’m disappointed just as you are. The Justice Department has decided not to prosecute former FBI Director James Comey for leaking memos about his private conversations with President Trump to the New York Times. But please do not lose hope, as Comey will pay in the next life, and probably in this one too.

Fake moderate Steve Bullock sued for restricting free speech in Montana

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If you think there is such a thing as a moderate Democrat, then you need to study the example of Steve Bullock. Bullock is the two-term governor of my home state of Montana and failed Democratic presidential candidate. He has not topped 2 percent in enough polls to be included in the next debate, and

Suicide by murder: A rough draft of a theory about Jeffrey Epstein’s death

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The August 10 death of Jeffrey Epstein in his prison cell in New York has ensured that we will be deluged with movies, documentaries, miniseries, books, essays and conspiracy theories for years to come. God bless Attorney General Bill Barr for acting quickly to send messages that he will get to the bottom of what