Trump thanks Sen. Daines for help passing Great American Outdoors Act

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Sen. Steve Daines, Republican senator from Montana, got a big boost for his re-election campaign today when President Trump signed the Great American Outdoors Act. This is going to be one of the greatest accomplishments of Donald Trump’s presidency, and may jolt some moderate Democrats into realizing Trump is not the evil Destroyer described by

Maybe Montana really has gotten wise to Steve Bullock! New poll has Daines up by 6!

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It was just a couple days ago when I was writing about Montana Gov. Steve Bullock’s horrible week, but speculating that nothing could derail Bullock in his bid to unseat freshman Sen. Steve Daines. Honestly, there is no good reason why Bullock was elected governor in the first place, nor especially why he was re-elected.

Montana CEO issues brave rejoinder to those who defaced Jesus statue

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At a time when we have seen corporations bow in terror to the threats of the “woke” mob, it was pleasantly surprising to wake up today and read an op-ed by the CEO of Winter Sports Inc. that condemned the recent vandalism of the Jesus statue atop the Big Mountain ski resort in Whitefish, Montana.

Montana Republicans show RINO Tim Fox the door

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Thank goodness Montana Republicans did not select RINO attorney general Tim Fox to run for governor in November. Fox is a big supporter of the sham Salish-Kootenai Water Compact, and he let Democrat Gov. Steve Bullock off the hook for destroying the emails his office created when he ended his term as attorney general in

My worst nightmare: Two Democrat senators from Montana

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I’m usually a big fan of my home state of Montana, but when it comes to our schizophrenic politics, color me dissatisfied. How in God’s name did Montana re-elect Sen. Jon Tester after he smeared President Trump’s personal physician, Admiral Ronny Jackson, to stop his nomination as director of Veterans Affairs? President Trump, who won

RINO Tim Fox goes dirty against Gianforte in MT campaign

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Montana conservatives have been leery of Attorney General Tim Fox for a lot of reasons. Now they have another one. Fox has manufactured a phony charge of “insider trading” against Congressman Greg Gianforte, one of his two opponents in the GOP gubernatorial primary. Here’s my column today from Real Clear Politics calling out Fox for

Bullock caught ‘between a lie and a hard place’ as he ponders Senate run

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If Gov. Steve Bullock succumbs to pressure and runs for Senate against Sen. Steve Daines in Montana, he will find himself caught between a lie and a hard place. Bullock has sworn up and down the cable news lineup that he won’t run for Senate, hell no, but after being wooed by Sen. Chuck “Pay

A cure for Swamp sickness: Send Dr. Ronny Jackson to Congress!

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I am so delighted to discover that Dr. Ronny Jackson is running for Congress in the 13th District in Texas. Jackson, you will remember, was President Trump’s White House physician and his pick to be the secretary of Veterans Affairs until he was scurrilously attacked by my home-state senator, Jon Tester, as a drunk, a

It’s well past time for Montana GOP to reclaim governor’s mansion

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Montana Republicans must be chomping at the bit. They have to see running room ahead as they vie to retake the governor’s mansion for the first time in 16 years. That’s because there are three highly qualified Republicans running in the June primary, and the winner will be taking on one of two Democrats who

Exciting news for Flathead GOP: Charlie Kirk in Kalispell on March 14

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I’ve learned from Rudy Koestner that the Flathead County Republican Central Committee will bring Charlie Kirk — one of the leading Trump supporters in the nation — to Kalispell for a special appearance on Saturday, March 14. Kirk will talk about his new book “The MAGA Doctrine: The Only Ideas That Will Win the Future”