Myth of ‘moderate Democrat’ shattered by impeachment scam

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A surprise benefit of impeachment is that it has forever shattered the myth of the moderate Democrat. As a resident of Montana, I have had to live through the Jon Tester charade for the last 14 years. Sen. Tester, the small-town rancher, ran on the proposition that he wanted to make Washington, DC, more like

Bullock bows out of presidential race; even windmills get a chuckle

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Montana Gov. Steve Bullock just dropped out of the presidential race. Let me know if you are surprised. Even I — a political analyst based in Montana — could find absolutely no reason to take seriously Bullock’s doomed campaign. I wrote about him in May as a warning to the nation that he was a

Montana Republican calls out RINOs for ‘attempted coup’ against voters

Election 2020Montana politicsPolitics – Down and Dirty

Montana is, in many respects, a microcosm of the political war underway in the United States. It is a state that was founded on traditional values, yet seems oddly inclined to govern from a progressive point of view. It is a state that is deep red from border to border, but dominated by several blue