Fox News allows Leland Vittert to commit journalistic malfeasance in ambush interview with Trump trade adviser

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When President Trump called out Fox News weekend hosts Arthel Neville and Leland Vittert in March, I was blissfully ignorant of this malignant duo. Trump asked whether they had been trained at CNN. Probably not! Probably just about any journalism school in America could produce similarly left-wing biased reporters. Were @FoxNews weekend anchors, @ArthelNeville and

Will Barr expose Loretta Lynch role in Clinton cover-up and other dirty little secrets?

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Paul Sperry once again breaks new ground in the anti-Trump conspiracy investigation in a piece with the misleadingly saccharine title “Trump Order Also Grants Barr Power To Declassify Still-Secret Hillary Docs.” Sperry is a reporter for Real Clear Investigations, but this piece was published by Issues & Insights. The story is chock full of information

Tech masters are building new Tower of Babel; their goal is to seize power

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We may be reaching a perfect storm of outrage over the vast power being exercised by what I call the Social Media Manipulation Machine, and it is vital that President Trump confront the masters of the big-tech universe before the 2020 election or we can kiss democracy goodbye. The Russia Election Hacking Hoax of the

This story proves Donald Trump is NOT a racist… but Dems don’t care!

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It won’t matter to crazy liberals, but if you have any Republican friends who are starting to buy into the Fake News narrative that Donald Trump is a racist, please make them read the op-ed at by Andrew Stein. Stein, who is the former president of the New York City Council, provides extensive examples

Exposing the sick Antifa affiliation of the Dayton shooter

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We have all heard a lot about the supposed right-wing politics of the El Paso shooter, but not so much about the left-wing politics of the Dayton shooter. El Paso has been used to vilify Trump, and to suggest that The president is single-handedly responsible for all mass shootings in the country. That, of course,

New video exposes the Big Lie about Donald Trump and Charlottesville

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You have to hand it to Steve Cortes for putting his job at CNN at risk in order to tell the truth about President Trump and “The Charlottesville Lie.” That’s the name of a new video Cortes made for Prager U and which popped on the Internet yesterday. The premise is the same as what

Democrats are auditioning for the Russian Revolution; is that really what Americans want?

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The Democrat debates have opened the eyes of the American public to the radical nature of the candidates who want to oppose President Trump in 2020. My column at Real Clear Politics today suggests that the closest parallel to what is happening in the Democratic Party is the Russian Revolution. Can I get an amen?

A sick society produces sick people; don’t blame guns

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Two mass shootings in 12 hours guarantees that we will all be talking about guns for the next 12 weeks, at least. The fact that one of those shootings was apparently carried out by a man who targeted Mexicans means we will also be talking about immigration and white supremacy for the next 12 weeks,

2020 prediction: As Trump goes, so goes the House

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Democrats are confident that they will hold the House of Representatives in 2020, and the common wisdom is that they are right, but I think the Republicans could easily reclaim the House if one thing happens — Donald Trump returning to the White House. At this point, polls show Trump losing dismally, which would suggest

Ratcliffe out as DNI; will Deep State sneak in its own candidate?

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Color me disappointed. I knew when I wrote a post complimenting the president for his choice of John Ratcliffe for the position of Director of National Intelligence that the long knives of the Deep State would be out for outsider Ratcliffe, but I had hope the Republicans would rally to this great candidate and shepherd