Blowhard author claims (without evidence) that Lindsey Graham is being blackmailed by Trump

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How did I miss this blowhard Don Winslow all my life? It’s hard to believe there could be a moron of this magnitude and I somehow had never heard of him, but thanks to the modern magic of Twitter I made his acquaintance today and feel dirty as a result. In case you didn’t know

RINO, thy name is Gov. Brian Kemp; don’t turn your back on Trump!

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Gov. Brian Kemp of Georgia may well surpass Mitt Romney as the political ingrate of the year. Kemp won office in 2018 by an incredibly narrow margin over the radical socialist Democrat Stacey Abrams. If it were not for the efforts of President Donald Trump and other conservatives, Georgia would now be in the hands

Political impeachment is just persecution under another name

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I could not resist the opportunity to tweak the New Yorker over an article by Adam Gopnik entitled, “Stop saying that impeachment is political.” I was first drawn to the article because its headline mirrored a column I wrote for Real Clear Politics in September: “A Politically Motivated Impeachment Is No Laughing Matter.” I was curious to see

We know New York Times is corrupt, but what about Horowitz?

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For the second time in less than a week, the New York Times has taken a shot at the Horowitz Report on the origins of the Russia collusion “investigation.” The first story claimed that although Inspector General Michael Horowitz would find that a few mistakes were made by the FBI and/or CIA, there was no

NY Times gets an earful from pro-Trump swing voters!

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The New York Times made the mistake of asking swing voters what they think of Trump. They could not have liked what they heard! Political guru Nate Cohn and reporter Claire Cain Miller on Tuesday night reported the results of their investigation under the headline: “They Voted Democratic. Now They Support Trump.” “Nearly two-thirds of

Andy Ngo roughed up by the online thought police; who’s next?

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Didn’t Twitter recently announce that it was getting out of politics? Oh wait, that was just political advertising. Turns out that Twitter is still into politics — bigly! And virulently against conservatives, Republicans, Trump, Christians, anyone to the right of FDR. The latest victim of the Twitter thought police was Andy Ngo, the brave journalist

‘Is That All There Is?’: The ballad of the Dems’ impeachment fail

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The delusional corrupt media rejoiced last week in what it considered proof of Donald Trump’s abuse of power, but for Americans who voted for Donald Trump, it just confirmed we had made the right decision. The Adam Schiff three-ring circus banged the bell so insistently that everyone kept running to get a look, but eventually

Peggy Noonan hates Trump more than she loves truth

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I am so sick of snooty Peggy Noonan. She has managed to skate as a serious conservative for the past 30 years on her reputation as a speech writer for Ronald Reagan, but we all knew Ronald Reagan and she is no Ronald Reagan. Her imperious pronouncements grew tiresome many years since, but in the

Here we go again! Horowitz plays patty cake with Deep State

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Haven’t we been here before? The New York Times reports that the Justice Department’s inspector general, Michael Horowitz, has spent two years and millions of dollars to tell us that, gee, there were some mistakes made by the FBI in their calculated attempt to destroy President Trump, but hey it was all innocent fun! No

Will Republicans get to call witnesses in House impeachment hearing?

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There seems to be a media blackout on a breaking news story about the House Impeachment hearing. At least it was breaking yesterday morning! According to both Gateway Pundit and Breitbart, the Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee sent a letter to Adam Schiff on Thursday in which they invoked a rule of the House