Please bring back duels so AG Barr can get justice from lying Jerry Nadler

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If there were ever any doubts about the evil intentions of Democrats, those doubts evaporated in the opening statement of Rep. Jerry Nadler today as he scurrilously attacked Attorney General Bill Barr before the House Judiciary Committee. If we still had legal duels in this country, you know that Barr would have walked to the

A hat tip to Edmund Burke via Roger Kimball

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Roger Kimball has written an essay at “American Greatness” that captures the madness of our times. He bluntly titles the piece, “It Doesn’t End Well.” I recommend the essay to everyone who wants an unvarnished assessment of the abdication of responsibility by our American ruling class. You will not be disappointed. (I also found an

None dare call it Civil War, but that’s what it is anyway, and Trump has to win it!

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Here’s my new column at Real Clear Politics. It’s a pretty straightforward account of the legal justifications for President Trump taking action to stop the current rebellion against the Constitution. Stuff the Corrupt Fake News Media won’t tell you. Oh yeah, and if you want to know how we got here, read my new book

Biden’s race-pandering pisses off the one black man he can’t afford to lose!

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Kudos to the Federalist for making sure Joe Biden gets full credit for his idiotic comment that Donald Trump is the first “racist” president. At a townhall on July 22, Biden remarked, “We’ve had racists, and they’ve existed, they’ve tried to get elected president. He’s the first one that has.” Of course we expect Democrats

If you ever lose hope, remember Nick Sandmann

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I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge the latest victory of Nick Sandmann, the young man from Covington, Kentucky, who put on a MAGA hat and stood up to the mob. On Friday, July 24, Sandmann announced that the Washington Post has settled his $250 million defamation lawsuit against the paper for an unrevealed

Leo Terrell and black America are Trump’s secret weapon

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I’ve been saying for quite some time now that President Trump’s secret weapon in 2020 will be the black and Hispanic vote. Those two populations are historically conservative, but have been suckered by the Democrat Party into thinking their interests align with the radical socialist agenda. Fortunately, more and more minorities are waking up to

RIP: Free-speech exemplar Mike Adams is dead, but his truth goes marching on

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The latest casualty of the new thought police is Mike Adams, longtime Townhall columnist and eternal advocate for free speech. Adams, 55, was found dead in his home yesterday. I never met Adams, but I read him with admiration, and wrote about him once in 2018 when he was “disinvited” from an official lecture co-sponsored

GOP conservatives just realized Liz Cheney is not like them… so now what?

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GOP conservatives in the House Freedom Caucus finally took a look around them and noticed one “conservative” Republican in the House leadership was not like the rest of them. It wasn’t that Liz Cheney, the representative from Wyoming is a woman. In fact, being a woman and thus checking a box for GOP identity politics,

N.Y. Times sics the ‘woke’ mob on Tucker Carlson’s family

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In something right out of Nazi Germany, the New York Times plans to publish a story revealing where Fox News host Tucker Carlson and his family live. As Carlson explained on his show (July 20, 2020) the Times has no reason to do so except to hurt him and to try to silence him. There

Trump ready to teach anarchists a lesson? Let’s hope so

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President Trump held a press conference in the Oval Office today (July 20, 2020) and he signaled a strong response to the chaos in our cities is coming soon. He talked first about Portland, where he recently sent federal police to restore order. “Portland was totally out of control. The liberal Democrats running the place