“Why We Needed Trump: Part 1” (my first book) is now available for Kindle

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Exciting news, friends. The first volume in the Heartland Diary series of books is now available as a Kindle eBook and will be available in a paperback edition in the next day or two! My first project is called “Why We Needed Trump,” and because of its length I needed to divide it into three

Climate hysteria? Just another day in the fake news cycle

The Media Mess

Two great articles by two of the best climate realists should help debunk the national climate assessment released a couple of weeks ago. Bjorn Lomborg says the media got it all wrong in reporting the end of the world as we know it. James Delingpole was more direct: “The national climate assessment is a national

Attkisson calls out bad reporting at New York Times

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Great column by reporter Sharyl Attkisson posted at The Hill today: “More questions than answers in too many Trump stories.” A blistering analysis of a New York Times piece that “exposed” Trump’s desire to see Comey and Clinton prosecuted, but was actually overblown fake news full of opinion and that failed to meet basic journalistic

Cindy Hyde-Smith and the Left’s Linguistic Quicksand [posted at Real Clear Politics]

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Here’s the start of my column this morning at Real Clear Politics. It concerns the Mississippi Senate election tomorrow, but considers it as a symptom of the abasement of our politics overall. Let me know what you think: Cindy Hyde-Smith and the Left’s Linguistic Quicksand By Frank Miele If you want to know how decadent our electoral system has

One month and 100 followers at Heartland Diary USA. Thanks!

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It was just over one month ago when I started Heartland Diary USA, and I now have 100 combined followers at www.HeartlandDiaryUSA.com, @HeartlandDiaryUSA on Facebook and @HeartlandDiary on Twitter. Thanks for your support! Hope you are all checking out my column on Mondays at www.RealClearPolitics.com. Up next is my analysis of the Mississippi Senate runoff

Sunday morning in the tank with George (Stephanopoulos, that is)

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From time to time, I propose to examine the national media’s performance as independent arbiters of the news. This week it’s ABC’s “This Week with Clintonista George Stephanopoulos.” Ahem! The word Clintonista is actually missing from the title, but shouldn’t it be there, considering that the host is really a Democratic operative rather than a

Hard line with Mexico pays off for Trump? Or not [Updated]

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[UPDATED: As of Monday morning, national media is reporting that Mexico is backing away from the deal in an effort to blackmail more foreign aid out of the U.S. Good luck with that.] Hats off to President Trump for getting Mexico to agree to his plan to keep asylum seekers on the southern side of