Berlin Wall analogy is an offense against logic

Here we go again! Now that the left is afraid of losing the argument against building a border wall, they are dragging out the tired Berlin Wall analogy!

Here’s the truth: The Berlin Wall is like Trump’s border wall to the same degree that a prison wall is the same as the walls of your house.

Keeping people in is NOT the same as keeping people out. Keeping people from illegally entering your country is no different than keeping people from entering your house without an invitation.

It should not be necessary to point this out, but leftists will use any emotionally charged argument to confuse the uninformed. This is just the latest such attempt.

Good luck building the wall, President Trump. Keep America safe!

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2 Replies to “Berlin Wall analogy is an offense against logic”

  1. Frank- I just finished reading the USAToday piece when your response came through in my news feed! Unbelievable! The author is very concerned about the ‘optics’ of razor wire. Perhaps if current U.S. law had actually been enforced for decades, and living conditions improved by and for the people of Mexico et all in their own locales, we would not need this very necessary deterrent. And let’s be honest, razor wire is completely and utterly inert until a law-breaking bozo tries to actively climb through it!

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