Mueller probe is proof of PT Barnum’s “sucker” slam

You’ve heard of PT Barnum’s famous slam on American consumers: “There’s a sucker born every minute.” Well, Robert Mueller has made it his special mission in life to prove that true — especially when it comes to the American news media.

Mueller is the special persecutor in the fake Russian collusion story, and yesterday he released the so-called “criminal information” against Gen. Michael Flynn, which was like throwing chum to the sucker sharks. CNN, MSNBC and the other flesh-eaters put together panels of “experts” to comb through the Mueller document for information incriminating to President Donald Trump, except the document didn’t incriminate anyone, not even Flynn.

The most you can say is that Flynn, Trump’s one-time national security adviser, didn’t collude with the Russians or else Mueller never would have recommended that Flynn get no jail time for his big crime — lying to investigators, sort of, about his perfectly legal meeting with the Russian foreign minister.

But that didn’t stop the fake experts from breathlessly detailing how the many redactions in the Mueller document must, surely must, be bad news for Trump! Folks, this isn’t news; it’s wishful thinking by a pack of hyenas who won’t eat till they get the scent of a bloody carcass.

My favorite moment in the “expert” analysis was when one panelist (on CNN, I think) told the host that no matter how much you looked, there was no news in the Mueller court filing against Flynn. The host quickly turned to another guest and returned to script: Trump must be guilty of something!

For intelligent analysis of the insignificance of the Flynn sentencing document, read this piece by Fox’s Gregg Jarrett.

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