The #FakeNewsMedia gets it wrong again: Ayers leaving White House team, not leading it!

I just had to savor this moment! One more story with anonymous sources that was being pushed by the #FakeNewsMedia goes down in flames.

According to all those White House insiders, Nick Ayers was the Rasputin who engineered the demise of Gen Kelly and was a shoo-in to become the next chief-of-staff.

Until he wasn’t!

Now it turns out that Ayers is leaving the White House team altogether.

Remember folks. Anonymous sources are proven liars. Take it to the bank.

Next up you will be reading #FakeNews about how Trump was embarrassed by Ayers departure. The #DeepStateMedia always covers its tracks.

For more background on the Deep State and the collapse of constitutional government, read my “Why We Needed Trump” books.

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