Liberalism is a mental disorder — here is a late-stage patient to prove it!u

This video has gone way viral, and for good reason! It is the most enjoyable MAGA MOMENT since ABC’s Martha Raddatz cried on election night 2016!

As explained at Breitbart, a store clerk at a vape store went ballistic and started screaming, spitting, and spiraling out of control like a completely insane person just because a guy walked into his store wearing a t-shirt that said, “Trump.” (See TMZ link below for working video.)

God bless Ian Furgeson, the patriotic American who wasn’t intimidated at all by the crazy liberal and even offered not to ruin his life by releasing the video if the idiot would just sell him what he wanted! Instead the craziness continued and the goofball clerk was fired and became the poster boy for Trump Derangement Syndrome!

This makes me eager to see Trump get back on the campaign trail! Wanna see more liberal heads explode! And yeah, you won’t see this video playing on CNN or MSNBC! Because liberals are all really nice people — didn’t you know!?!!?

Here a link to the video on Furgeson’s Facebook page! UPDATE: Video may no longer be posted on Facebook but still available at TMZ! Or on YouTube.

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