Bonus: Why We Needed Trump (and not Romney!)

Friends, in honor of Mitt Romney exposing himself (ewww!) as a complete fraud (again!), I am offering two complimentary columns I wrote about Romney that are included in my “Why We Needed Trump” trilogy.

The first column from 2012 warned the Republican Party not to nominate Romney for president or risk the wrath of the little people of Whoville (now known as Deplorables) who would not support his phony RINO Republicanism. You can read in it in PDF form by clicking here:

Romney and Whoville

The second column, from 2016, exposed the perfidy and treacherousness of Romney as he betrayed then-candidate Donald Trump by demanding that Trump should release his tax returns at the behest of his Democratic opponents. As I wrote then, “Hypocrisy, thy name is Mitt.” Here it is:

Romney Tax Attack

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