The long, lingering death of Never Trump

As I had hoped, the Never Trump swan song of Willard Mitt Romney has energized the conservative base like nothing since Election Night 2016.

The latest evidence is a sweet essay by Christopher Bedford in the American Mind. “The Breaking of the Never Trump Mind” looks back at the Never Trump movement and finds it oddly out of touch from the beginning with Republican voters. (Maybe that’s why so much of its limited membership is seen exclusively on the anti-American CNN and MSNBC.)

There are some insouciant take-downs of Bill Kristol, Romney and the rest along the way, but I’ll leave with a couple of Bedford quotes I thought were near perfect.

Looking backward, this one:

The Never Trumpers say they don’t recognize a Republican Party where the core tenets are neither free trade nor foreign democracy promotion. But maybe they just didn’t know their voters by sight, because the only party that has truly departed recognition is Never Trump.

And looking forward, this one:

As the second year of Trump’s presidency ends, these former Republicans have insulted and alienated their readers until they had none. They’ve squandered their time on unimportant, self-righteous panel discussions, finally reduced to bobbing up in partisan anti-Trump venues surrounded by men and women who called them war criminals just years before, buoyed for a time by saying the right thing about the right enemy.

For the rest read here.

Look for my own extended take on the failed character of Mitt Romney in my Monday column at Real Clear Politics.

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