What part of (Br)exit doesn’t Teresa May understand?

Well, now we’ve heard from Prime Minister Teresa May after her devastating defeat in Parliament, and it was almost as if her lips were moving but nothing was coming out of her mouth.

From what I can tell, she just doesn’t get it. When the British people voted for Brexit, they meant it. Or, as Nigel Farage puts it, “Leave means Leave!”

I won’t revisit the entire issue here because my friend Seth Lipsky at the New York Sun laid out the case brilliantly in an editorial this morning. Titled “Brexit: ‘No deal’ is ideal,” the editorial declares hopefully that “Britain just took a giant step in the right direction” by rejecting the May compromise that sought to keep Britain in the European Union while wearing a fig leaf of independence.

“Leave means Leave”; it doesn’t mean compromise. Or as Mr. Lipsky writes:

There is a camp, which this newspaper favors, that reckons no deal is ideal. It would put Britain among those that trade with the EU on World Trade Organization terms. They include Hong Kong, Singapore, and New Zealand, the top three nations in Fraser’s “Economic Freedom of the World” annual report.

There are all sorts of successful countries that have prospered outside of the EU — Free Korea, Israel, Free China, among them. If former colonies can succeed outside the EU ambit, why not the mother country?

If you are interested in the rebellion against globalism, read the rest of the Sun’s editorial here.

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