Julie Kelly’s brilliant take-down of the CANTs (Conservative-Attacking Never Trumpers)

Not for the first time I am struck by the clear-thinking, hard-hitting political analysis of Julie Kelly at American Greatness.

Her article “Call-Out Conservatives Join the Left’s Lynch Mob” is the best indictment of the non-Deplorable (although truly despicable) branch of conservatism for their cut-and-run strategy of abandoning their own wounded foot soldiers and leaving them to die on the politically correct battlefield.

The foot soldiers, of course, are those Catholic schoolkids from Covington in MAGA hats. They were struck down first by a liberal hate mob, but the coup de grace was delivered by a bunch of virtue-signaling Never Trumpers — hereinafter known as CANTs (Conservative-Attacking Never Trumpers) — who betrayed their own honor by picking up rhetorical rocks to hurl at the besmirched youths when they were already down on the ground.

Kelly calls out the CANTs by name, giving them a taste of their own medicine. She starts out with her own former editor at National Review:

… it seemed way out of character for [Nick] Frankovich to author an angry post about the Covington Catholic High School incident just as the details were emerging. His article—”The Covington Students Might As Well Have Just Spit on the Cross”—went online in the middle of the night on National Review’s portal for short posts by contributors. Frankovich harshly condemned the students, referred to their actions as evil and sadistic, and questioned their Christianity.

“They mock a serious, frail-looking older man and gloat in their momentary role as Roman soldiers to his Christ. Bullying is a worn-out word and doesn’t convey the full extent of the evil on display here,” the deputy online editor wrote. He included accusations that had not yet been confirmed.

On Sunday afternoon, as the media’s narrative fell apart and the reality of the situation came into view, National Review quietly removed Frankovich’s article from its website. Rich Lowry, the outlet’s editor, explained in a very brief post that he and Frankovich had been duped by a “hoax” and that Frankovich’s “strongly worded post” had been taken down. Lowry also deleted a few of his own tweets that inaccurately portrayed the incident.

That was it. Rather than acknowledge that the editor and deputy editor for a once reliable and thoughtful conservative magazine were complicit in mob-shaming teenage boys attending a pro-life rally, they quickly excused their behavior as nothing more than gullibility. There was no apology, save for this quasi mea culpa. There was no “calling out” other conservatives who also had participated in the viral assault on innocent young boys.

But Kelly was just getting started when she thrashed the usual suspects at National Review such as Jay Nordlinger and Jonah Goldberg (whom I have also recently challenged). She saved some of her best ammo for the other famous CANTs with national platforms and no sense of shame:

… when confronted with evidence, there is no real apology or soul-searching. The public and the maligned families are just supposed to accept their vague, “oops, my bad” tweets and move on.

Further, the same crowd of call-out conservatives, the nags who constantly are telling us which Republican lawmaker or presidential aide or Fox News anchor must be reprimanded for one imagined offense or another, have been silent on calling out their own tribe for joining the Covington High School outrage mob. Where is David French “calling out” his pal, Bill Kristol, for his two (deleted) tweets about the kids, including calling them “MAGA brats”? Where are the Referees of the Right demanding that Ana Navarro or Ben Howe or Jennifer Rubin apologize for vilifying innocent kids? Where are the conspiracy trackers like Jim Swift condemning Jim Swift for peddling this fiction? And why isn’t one conservative demanding that S.E. Cupp be fired from CNN for slandering these kids on her program? (She unconvincingly apologized on Twitter on Monday.)

Good on ya, Julie Kelly! The CANTs will come after you next, but you wear the shield of righteousness, so I’m not worried about you. Happy to fight at your side any time.

Frank Miele writes from Kalispell, Montana, at www.HeartlandDiaryUSA.com and is a columnist at Real Clear Politics. To see more of my columns about the Dishonest Media, the Deep Swamp, the failed presidencies of George W. Bush and Barack Obama, and Trump’s war to restore American greatness, read my “Why We Needed Trump” trilogy. The books are available at Amazon in paperback or Kindle editions. Also please considering leaving a review in support of my conservative commentary on one or all of my book pages at Amazon! Thanks!

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3 Replies to “Julie Kelly’s brilliant take-down of the CANTs (Conservative-Attacking Never Trumpers)”

  1. Julie Kelly is, indeed, a brave writer, as are you, Mr. Miele. I have a grandson about the same age as Nick Sandmann. What I saw on Nick’s face was a calmness he was trying to maintain for the sake of peace. I have seen that look on my grandson’s face in many situations. It is definitely not a smirk and it angers me to hear that description. First, he is a kid. I’ve seen that look on my grandson’s face when he is trying to determine “friend or foe.” “Danger or no danger.” But the “haters” saw what they hoped to see and completely mis-read him. Perhaps Nick, like my grandson, would have first thought Nathan Phillips could have been joining in their school cheers (not chants). Why not? It was cold out and clapping to school cheers passes the time and would keep them warm while waiting for their bus back to Kentucky. Next, Nick may have thought Phillips was an entertainer he should recognize. Maybe next he thought Phillips was like the “characters” in Times Square. Pay a dollar to have your picture taken with the “character.” .Why would Nick think for one moment that Nathan Phillips planned to abuse him by pounding a drumstick one inch from his nose? Child abuse? Absolutely. Someone ought to call it out for child abuse. A Democrat would do that if the situation were reversed .

    Nick and his friends, if they were like my grandson, would have thought if the Covington students were in D.C. to protest abortions, then others were also there for that purpose. Therefore, the group which approached them must also be “Pro-life.” They are kids. But these kids had enough sense not to respond to taunts, which can be credited to their parents and how they were brought up. Their parents, and how the kids were brought up, was high on the list of the Twitter mob for what was wrong with them, but it turns out it was a large part of what was right with them.

    The self-righteous CANT people, described by Julie Kelly, including Jonah Goldberg and his buddy Bill Kristol, are only part of the problem. Because of Paul Ryan and his “resist” group in the last Congress, we had people like Goldberg and Kristol feel justified for their continued “resistance” to President Trump. Paul Ryan willy-nilly presented a budget to President Trump a while back that had “no” provision for the border wall. No provision. Am I wrong? Let me know. But Paul Ryan, cute as you please, presented an 11th hour budget to President Trump and HE WAS SMIRKING as the president was FORCED to sign it . President Trump said he would never do that again. I pray for President Trump every hour of every day. I pray for his health and that he continues to say what he means and mean what he says . I trust him over anyone else who has “politician” after their name. Republican or Democrat.

    One more thought. The bridge to replace the Tappanzee bridge in NY. What name did they decide upon? Was it a vanity bridge?

    Joe Morrisco
    Bedminster, NJ 07921

    1. You are right, Joe. A bemused (and/or confused) smile is not a smirk no matter how much we are told it is. And you are so right about the smirk on Paul Ryan’s face as well. Thanks!

  2. Sanford and your grandson display more dignified maturity than most politicians and reporters. Hopefully greed never gets a hold of them as they make America great again. Regards, Tumbleweed

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