Tucker Carlson teaches Republicans how to have a backbone — will they listen?

Great news that Tucker Carlson’s show was the highest rated show on cable Tuesday night as he continued to fight back against the Outrage Mob trying to destroy his career.

Carlson is probably the smartest guy on cable news — he is certainly the most astute and aware. He loves to have liberals on his show because he is not afraid of them or their failed ideas, and plenty of liberals are for good reason terrified to go on his show because they know he argues with facts and logic.

That’s also why Media Matters, the George Soros funded hate group, dredged up humorous sound bites from Carlson’s appearances on a radio show years ago to try to humiliate him and shut him up. Of course, Carlson knew they were humorous and politically incorrect when he said them, which is why he said them in the first place!

Media Matters may be shocked that Carlson is fighting back instead of backing down because Republicans have trained left-wingers to think that they can always get a conservative to back down when they bare their teeth. Not Carlson. Last night’s episode eviscerating Media Matters President Angelo Carusone for his own politically incorrect blog posts was a thing of beauty.

Carlson can clearly teach Republicans how to stand up for themselves instead of taking the high road of turning the other cheek. As Carlson’s former employee Derek Hunter wrote at Townhall:

Liberals collect scalps, conservatives collect moral victories.

That has to stop!

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leftists have to be destroyed because they arent going to stop..03/14/2019 11:04:42AM EST.
— Read on townhall.com/columnists/derekhunter/2019/03/14/its-time-for-conservatives-to-choose-fight-back-or-surrender-n2543077

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