Say it isn’t so, Fox! You didn’t really hire Paul Ryan, did you?

In a week of cascading bad news for Fox viewers, it hopefully can’t get any worse than finding out that failed House Speaker Paul Ryan has been named to the board of the new Fox Corp.

How long will it be before Ryan uses his influence to get Lou Dobbs fired? Dobbs gleefully attack’s RINO Ryan every chance he gets for his globalist anti-American agenda. Will Dobbs really be safe? And what about the new talent on Fox that don’t have the power of a Dobbs? Will they be silenced from criticizing the globalist agenda of the neo-con nitwits like Ryan and Romney?

The company has already sent a warning to its on-air talent to toe the politically correct line or face retribution like Judge Jeanine Pirro, who was suspended for daring to challenge Muslim theology and law as in obvious conflict with the US Constitution. Now, with the hiring of the Democratic Mata Hari, Donna Brazile, as a political analyst and putting Never Trumper Ryan on the board, Fox has shown its true colors. Too bad Rupert Murdoch has to watch as his children destroy his legacy.

The good news is that if Fox wants to embrace CNN style communism, there will be an opening for a real conservative network featuring Dobbs, Pirro, Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity and others. The ratings prove those are the voices people want to hear.

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7 Replies to “Say it isn’t so, Fox! You didn’t really hire Paul Ryan, did you?”

  1. SAY IT ISN’T SO, FOX!!!! one of the other comments Mr. Miele received was that nobody will watch Fox with Paul Ryan, Donna Brazile, and James and Lachlan calling the shots. The direction of the Fox broadcasting station has become overly politically correct and what was done to Judge Pirro’s ability to speak is just up Paul Ryan’s alley because he hasn’t said anything truthful since he joined the political world. Doesn’t want to burn Bridges. His ambition is disgusting. He sees himself as President, 2020. Could Ryan have had 1/10 the business meetings President Trump has had in two years? Could Ryan have accomplished as much as President Trump has accomplished? He would talk everything to death and never get anything done. Or bemoan immigration and he had a chance to fix it and didn’t. He would bemoan Obamacare, and bellowed how he would replace and repeal. Nope. Didn’t do it. Just used it to speak in front of a camera for getting elected with the other loser, Mitt Romney. Paul Ryan will do the dirty work for Lachlan and James. Ryan will get revenge on anyone who has truthfully reported his passive aggressive resistance to President Trump. The broadcaster will be fired, chastized, or demoted. Tucker, Pirro, Hannity, Dobbs, Varney have been speaking the truth against all the spin that the other stations spouting their distortions of the truth. Fox is not one sided without listening to both sides. Most programs have a point and counterpoint. My world view is different than the MSNBC and CNN viewer. I’m not saying my world view is better, I’m saying that to me it has been more successful and honest. Fox has now been infected and the thought might be that if the facts they present are so strong, the station will not be harmed and the viewers will be honestly informed. In a world where 9 out of 10 outlets DO NOT publish my world view, it is comforting to know a large percentage of people on Fox do have a similar outlook. I really don’t want to be accosted and debated over ethics and morals which I hold true. I’m not looking to convert people, but the Murdoch boys are liberal and I want my views reported so I have hope. I watched Brett Baier faithfully for years. Not any more. He has a twist to his stories now. The twist is bent toward the liberal side in order to show how worthy he is to do the debates for the Democrat candidates. Shepherd is turned off immediately. He is so sardonic and condescending toward President Trump that it hurts my ears. Sincerely, Joe Morrisco, Bedminster, NJ 07921

  2. I ask everyone to quit watching FOX. The only conservative news network now is OAN or One America New Network, also known as OANN. It is available through Direct TV, but not on DISH. I pay $5 per month to watch with ROKU. There are also other ways to watch, just got to their website: and scroll to the bottom and choose “where to watch”

  3. Strange. I wrote a note to Brett this morning suggesting he publicly apologize for being a part, if it is true, of the cabal that now seems to have caught the infection of Progressive poison, or I will tune him out. I have noticed that he has changed his tenor lately and the removal of Pirro is the last straw for me. Who wants to watch the DNC Presidential show anyway? Not me, unless I need the laughs. RLS

    1. I’m sure Brett will be quick to see the error of his ways! Next please take care of Shep!

  4. Shep enjoys the praise the other reporters heap on him. They heap a lot of stuff on a lot of people. But Shep loves it because he thinks they admire his journalism. No. They just admire that he obviously is for the liberal world view. Nothing wrong with that, but I actually prefer watching a station that shows the success of my world view. If I wanted to listen and watch a viewpoint that is totally opposite to my way of living, I would tune into MSNBC. Or particularly CNN. They get up in the morning and use their hatred for the President as their money making machines. And they never own up to their antics. Kimmel and Fallon can always count on a knock at Trump to get a cheap laugh from their pre-programmed audience. Comics have been doing cheap jokes for years. They don’t have to work on writing something cerebral. The 6 CNN reporters who received an award from their own network at the correspondent’s dinner, received the award for finding and printing a fake story. (It wasn’t hard to find; it was being shopped all over D.C.) I believe it was the dossier. How can these reporters from CNN whose station has made so many errors give themselves an award. And Shep wants their approval?
    Joe Morrisco

  5. Little Shepard is a whining Hollywood wantabee. An LGBTQ who thinks everyone should be like him.

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