Ne’er-Do-Well Swalwell makes bid for the Michael Avenatti tinfoil hat Dem voters

With creepy porn lawyer Michael Avenatti now disqualified as a Dem candidate for president because of his arrest for fraud (wait! Doesn’t that make him MORE qualified to run as a Democrat?!?) there is an opening in the tinfoil hat lane for the candidate most likely to pander for votes by making outrageous and unverified claims against President Trump.

Since Adam Schiff seems content to continue channeling Joe (“I have a list…!) McCarthy in the Congress, that has left the tinfoil hat lane remarkably empty. Will no one try to challenge Trump by making up stuff?

Enter Rep. Eric Swalwell, whose name is a mouthful but whose qualifications are even more unpronounceable. Swalwell, known to conservatives for his occasional appearances as the Democratic dunce being dressed down by Tucker Carlson on Fox News, announced his run for President Monday night on “The Late Night Show With Stephen Colbert.” Just in case you didn’t think he was a serious candidate!

The 38-year-old congressman from San Francisco could barely restrain himself in his public delusion that he might get more than 1 percent in Iowa.

“I’ve already done a lot, but I can do more. I’ve been in Congress for six years. I’ve defended our country from the Intelligence Committee while Democracy has been on the ropes.”

Wow! AND you’ve been outsmarted by Tucker Carlson! What a resume!

Let’s face it: If he really had defended our country FROM the Intelligence Committee’s anti-Trump crusade, he would have been doing us all a favor. Instead he has been using his position on the Committee to raise his public profile as a big city bumpkin and sleazeball at large.

I think Swalwell makes about 120 Democrats now running for president against Trump, but only Ne’er-Do-Well Swalwell has distinguished himself as completely unqualified. That’s quite a trick. hosts the commentary of Frank Miele, former editor of the Daily Inter Lake in Kalispell, Montana. Your support for this blog is appreciated. Please consider purchasing one of my books at Amazon. My new book is “The Media Matrix: What If Everything You Know Is Fake?” — a look at Fake News from the perspective of a small-town newspaper editor. In addition, my “Why We Needed Trump” trilogy documents the downward spiral of the USA that made Trump’s presidency so important. The books are available at Amazon in paperback or Kindle editions. Go here for a free sample of “The Media Matrix”:

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  1. I think the dems know they have no way of beating Trump (unless the continue to cheat by “finding more ballots” which just happen to all be democrat. I think they are all running for campaign donations that they can funnel into their own pockets,

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