Trump honors three gun heroes at NRA convention

Whenever the Fake News Media talks about guns, you are likely going to hear about gun victims — the victims of school shootings, workplace violence or random shootings — but President Trump showed the other side of the gun to the American people Friday when he spoke to the National Rifle Association.

Instead of talking about gun victims, he talked about gun heroes — people who saved lives by legal use of their Second Amendment right to bear arms. As the president introduced three such heroes, it was an emotional and thought-provoking climax to a near flawless speech at the NRA’s convention in Indianapolis.

April Evans was home alone with her 2-year-old daughter when an intruder broke down her door and came running toward her. She “shot him twice and held him at gunpoint until police arrived.” Evans explained that this incident changed her life forever:

“I’ve never been more afraid, but I’ve been standing strong, and I’ve told my story again and again because with each person I’ve told, they stood a little taller knowing that if I could protect myself and my family that they could too. Protecting my family would not be possible without the right to bear arms.”

Next up was Mark Vaughn, the CEO of a meat-packing plant in Oklahoma, who told the story of how a knife-wielding employee had gone on a rampage and was attacking people in the plant. Vaughn was alerted to the attack, got his AR-15, and hurried to the office where the attack was taking place.

“I saw a man attacking a woman in the neck and head with a large knife. I yelled. he stopped, paused for a moment and ran at full speed toward me. At about 18 feet I fired three rounds from my AR-15 carbine, immediately incapacitating the subject…. I was able to take that action because I had a gun and was prepared to use it.”

The suspect had already decapitated one woman, but who knows how many other lives were saved by Vaughn’s bravery and his possession of a gun.

  • Last up was Stephen Willeford, the man who stopped the massacre at the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas, in 2017. His story is the most amazing as he ran to a mass shooting and challenged an armed man wearing body armor who had already shot dozens of people.
  • “They told me police were coming but I couldn’t wait,” Sutherland recounted. The gunman came running out of the church and Willeford shot the man even while he himself was being shot at. The killer got in his car and tried to flee but Willeford persevered. As he and a passerby chased after the killer’s vehicle, they learned eventually that “the gunman being the coward that he was took his own life.”
  • President Trump rightly lauded the NRA for standing up for the Second Amendment, and these three heroes likewise held up the president as their hero for standing by their side, and as he said, “I will never let you down.”
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    1. Mr. Frank Miele, as we have heard from you and others about the President doing a great job, so, thank God are you. Your reports and analyses give me hope that my family is not alone. Thank you so much, because as long as there are people like you out there in this contentious and out-of-sync world, there is hope. With great admiration, Joe Morrisco

    2. Hello Frank…just came across your site tonight….
      Q: were you editor @ the Interlake in the ’80’s -during the time I lived in the Flathead?
      I seem to recall your name… small world, -eh? perhaps we have met…

      1. Hi Doug: I started at the Inter Lake in 1984. Chances are you remember me from my movie reviews and entertainment reporting, which I did from 1985 till 2000 when I became managing editor. I also wrote for the Flathead Business Journal but not till 1991. Welcome aboard!

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