Sen. Hirono’s sick attack on Barr must not go unpunished

Sens. Blumenthal, Booker and Hirono finally reduced the Senate Judiciary hearing to a political circus with their despicable attacks on Attorney General Barr.

Hirono, in particular, used her time on the clock to call Barr a liar and attack his character. She tried to put words in his mouth and apparently thought he would chew on them and spit them back at her. Instead he politely told her she was not correct.

Good for Chairman Lindsey Graham for telling Hirono eventually (it took too long) to shut her lip if all she was going to do was slander the attorney general. Hirono should be censured and removed from the Senate Judiciary Committee (at the very least) for her McCarthy-like personal attack on the witness.

Although Hirono would not let Barr respond to her calumny, he finally got a chance to speak up during questioning by Sen. Blackburn.

“How did we get to the point here where the evidence is now that the president was falsely accused of colluding with the Russians and accused of being treasonous and accused of being a Russian agent, and the evidence now is that that was without a basis, and two years of his administration have been dominated by the allegations that have now been proven false. To listen to some of the rhetoric you would think that the Mueller Report had found the opposite.”

Good on you. Mr. Attorney General!

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3 Replies to “Sen. Hirono’s sick attack on Barr must not go unpunished”

  1. I heard the Hawaiian senator’s Inquisition, her flat out insults and slander, her arrogance, her misinformation. She is one more “revolting” attack dog with no shame but plenty of ego. She can read notes written by her interns without knowing their veracity. She called Trump a grifter and a liar. At that point Lindsey Graham should have reminded her that she is referring to the president who was elected by 65 million people, not the handful of people who elected her. Lindsey Graham, AT THE LAST 4 SECONDS, admonished her but it was too little, too late. Are there no rules of conduct and decency at these hearings? Hawaii girl’s disgusting accusations made me physically sick so when I knew Kamal and Cory were coming up, I didn’t have the stomach for them. I won’t give the Hawaii senator the respect of even saying her name. She is what we would call in the sixties, a pig. Man or woman. A showboating pig. Tulsi Gabbard looks positively “Sane” in comparison. Tulsi is a lovely human being with whom I don’t always agree, but a lovely human being.


    P.S. what is Cory Booker all about saying he wants things for Brown people and Black people? I have NEVER in 72 years, thought of people in those terms. They are “people,” “neighbors,” “co-workers.” I NEVER heard those terms, “Black and Brown people,” except from graduates of the Race Baiting Academy, run by Al the Pal Sharpton. Just asking. Remember, the entire country did not support slavery, just the Democrats and the South. I’m from New Jersey and have always been a Republican, so don’t paint all of America with that brush.

  2. I’d like to see your thoughts on the idea that there is nobody in DC who is not accusing someone of lying.

    I note that there are people born without a part of the brain that allows them to doubt things told to them. Such people are simply unable to comprehend humor or any of the little pranks that we pull. It would be intreesting to understand how that plays out in politics. What would life be like i we all trusted each other despite evidence? I give out “Hillary Clinton Get Out of Jail Free, ” cards. Most people get the joke instantly as they are told to “Just tell authorities to give you a Hillary …” on your murders and your dishonesty. Just a few look at the card quizzically and drift on to other interests.

    What would life be like if all the accusers met up with all the blind believers? Would it be mayhem or would it be peace?

  3. Hirono should have read the rules and regs for being a senator. Rules which might call for some decorum, some honor. Some honorable discourse. Not character assassinations of Barr and Trump. This wasn’t the time or place. But it made her feel soooooo good. Soooooo powerful. Soooooo smart. “Look what I’m doing,” she’s telling her fellow haters, “look how smart I sound!” “Aren’t I clever to say these malicious things to this high ranking cabinet member in Trump’s administration?” “I’m showing them who’s in charge. Who’s in power.” But, she likes her own voice too much, but that might actually be a requirement for being a senator. Mostly, she is annoying. She is an embarrassment. She is an annoying embarrassment. Just like Richard Blumenthal calling for the truth when he told the world he fought in Viet Nam and never left New Jersey. Honorable? I think not.


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