Will Republicans roll over and play dead at today’s hearing?

It occurs to me that today’s Senate hearing with Attorney General Barr is rolling out very similarly to the press conference when Barr released the Mueller Report.

In particular, the media set the table for the Democrats by spending the previous 24 hours attacking Barr’s credibility to try to soften him up for the fatal blow.

In this case Barr will be scorched by Judiciary members on the Democratic side such as Kamala Harris, Amy Klobuchar and Cory Booker. This is just another campaign stop for those presidential contenders.

It is clear from Barr’s previous public bouts with the press and Democrats that he will hold his own. The real question is how Republicans will behave at today’s hearing. Do they let the Democrats distort Barr’s record and the facts of the Mueller Report? Do they demand answers about Justice Department misbehavior? Or do they roll over and play dead like Republicans of the past?

More will be revealed. Stay tuned.

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