MSNBC hates humor, but loves Fake News made by Trump haters

Alex Witt and the Washington Post are shocked — shocked, I tell you — that Facebook won’t ban two videos that satirize Speaker Nancy Pelosi for her stammering, stuttering public performance as leader of the Democrat Party.

Well, come to think of it, I am shocked, too. Shocked that Facebook would come down on the side of free speech.

Alex Witt dealt with this Facebook sin Saturday morning on her MSNBC show, devoting several segments to it. Unfortunately in the spirit of Fake News, Witt couldn’t even get this simple story straight. Here’s what she said:

“New criticism today as a viral distorted video tweeted out by the President slows down House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s speech to make her appear incoherent. It was viewed on Facebook more than 2 million times in the first 24 hours.”

Sorry, Alex, but maybe you should actually do some research before you open your mouth. The video the president tweeted out did not slow down Pelosi’s speech. That was an entirely different video. The one Trump tweeted was a compilation of all the slips Pelosi made in her brief press conference on Thursday. The video was first shown on the “Lou Dobbs Tonight” show on Fox Business.

Witt, however, was talking about an entirely different video that ran long segments of Pelosi’s speech but slowed them down to hilarious effect to make her look like a doddering old fool. (WAIT, I did say it was edited, right!?!) Witt talked about the wrong video while showing a distorted view of Trump’s Twitter feed @realdonaldtrump, implying that the slowed down version was on Trump’s Twitter feed. It wasn’t. Nor was the version on Trump’s tweet the seedy black and white version that Witt’s crew portrayed. Maybe MSNBC should call a good libel defense attorney.

Regardless of Witt’s sloppy reporting, the bottom line is that the left-wing media and their Democrat allies want to shut down free speech. It’s as if they’ve never heard of satire, parody or spoof. Maybe they’ve never even heard of humor. Looking at their late-night comedians, that would appear to be the case. If presenting a politician in an unflattering light is to be banned, then we will certainly have to take “Saturday Night Lice” off the air. That show regularly portrays Republicans in a false light.

Witt did have a guest correct her about the fact that there were two videos, but she didn’t seem to care.

Facebook’s response to the Washington Post about this incident is instructive:

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“We don’t have a policy that stipulates that the information you post on Facebook must be true.”

How could they? All those Dancing Cat videos would have to be removed, not to mention all the posts and memes claiming that James Comey, John Brennan and James Clapper are American heroes! Haha! Love it!

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