Who the hell is Gary Peters? Even Michigan doesn’t know — and he’s their senator!

I thought I was alone in having no idea who Gary Peters was when I read that John James would be running against him for a seat in the U.S. Senate from Michigan.

Of course, I felt that was good news for James, one of the rising stars of the Republican Party. James lost to popular Democrat Debbie Stabenow in 2018, but with the most votes of any Republican candidate from Michigan for a decade. James is a combat veteran, a black conservative, a business leader and a man of principle. In other words, the future of the Republican Party if the party is going to have any future at all.

Peters, it turns out, is the other incumbent senator from Michigan, but don’t tell that to Michiganders. Or maybe you should since according to Michigan Republican Party Chairman Laura Cox, they aren’t sure who he is either.

“It’s time for a change from Gary Peters, who has been so ineffective that 43% of Michigan voters don’t even know his name.”

This is typical of the do-nothing Congress we have grown used to in the past two decades. Senators think running for re-election means running for cover.

It shouldn’t matter who James runs against. He is a great candidate and will make a great senator. If he loses the race it will be because Republicans stab President Trump in the back. If Trump wins Michigan again, as he should, then James will also win his race. But if Republicans continue to fight Trump on his policy agenda, and weaken him, then he will lose Michigan and the election.

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