Trump vs. The Swamp: my interview with Rose Tennent about our superhero president

I’ve done my share of speaking engagements and radio shows over the years. Most of them were never archived, but one exception was my interview with Rose Tennent on “Rose Unplugged.”

I have loaded the interview to YouTube here, and I hope you will take time to listen. Rose is a true patriot and has guest hosted for Sean Hannity and other top radio names over the years. She invited me on her show after reading my “Editor’s 2 Cents” column titled “Monster Swamp vs. Swamp Monster: A D.C. Allegory.” This was in August 2017, still relatively early in the Trump presidency, but it was already obvious that the Deep State Swamp was going to try to destroy Trump. I gave the president the secret identity of “Swamp Monster” and talked about his courageous battle with the “Monster Swamp” of D.C.

I also got to reprise my analysis of President Trump as the incarnation of the leadership principles that Emerson laid out in his essay about Napoleon called “The Man of the World.”

I think you’ll enjoy this interview. Many thanks to Rose for her invitation and a great conversation.

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